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Good News Bad News #570

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Bad News:

Wildlife Commission chairman Clint Bentley presided over his last meeting on June 28. However, he had one more slimy act planned prior to his departure. As chairman of the Wildlife Commission, he appointed himself to six committees and was chairman of five of them. Is this a pure dictator or what? One of the committees he chaired was the Wildlife Damage Committee, also referred to as the Predator Committee.
The next Wildlife Commission meeting was set for 10:30 AM on August 15. The first item on the agenda was to vote for a new chairman and vice-chair. Clint Bentley was fully aware of this so at his last meeting, he set the Predator Committee meeting for 8 AM on August 15. This meeting was to approve the predator budget of $493,948 for the 2009 expenditures. What makes this so slimy? Clint Bentley and the boys set this up so the full Wildlife Commission would not have a vote on the matter. Clint Bentley's intent was to circumvent the system. Is this pure slime?


Good News:

A few days before the scheduled predator meeting, someone mysteriously cancelled this bogus setup.


More Good News:

Gerald Lent was elected new chairman of the Wildlife Commission.


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