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It Happened That Way - Part 1

Written by Bud Sonnentag
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1948 to 2006

Happy New Year and welcome to HUNTER‘S ALERT. As we said in the opening website caption, this is the start of something good. Something good for Nevada Sportsmen and Sportsmen nationwide, but not so good for all those who throughout their careers in Nevada Fish and Game have been making merchandise of you Nevada Sportsmen, the mule deer and a vicious predator, the mountain lion.

This exposition of wildlife mismanagement over a fifty-eight year period is very convoluted as well as controversial in the state of Nevada. I find it imperative to gain the confidence and one hundred percent support of all Nevada Sportsmen in order to bring back your once famous mule deer herd. I feel the first and foremost important thing to do for everyone is lay down exact rules of engagement in this 2006 battle that will be fought. It’s simple, here it is. This battle will be fought out in the open in front of the world where nothing shall be hidden or covered up. It will be fought with the facts and the truth. Our adversary has every right to defend him or herself from any factual accusation but…only with the facts and the truth. Any rebuttal or answer by any source or person will be further examined and aired out for the entire world to see. If you say it, we’ll publish it! If you said it or did it…we’ll print it provided it is the truth and based on fact. There is no such thing as political correctness; we’re going to say it like it is and say it in layman’s terms so everyone can easily understand. Supported by the facts, we will use names of people and organizations whether deceased or alive as a lot of these things happened many years ago. Anyone’s refusal to publicly answer a question will be interpreted as…guilty by omission. These are the rules. Are we ready? Then let’s get it on!

One of my objectives throughout my writing will be to drive like-minded people together, not only to unite Sportsmen but also our corrupt adversaries who will seek each other out in an attempt to defend themselves. It makes it a lot easier to see whose side who is on and where to direct the next sixteen inch projectile from our battleship.

As Cecil Fredi said, we will not only state the problem on HUNTER’S ALERT website during 2006…we will also give you the solution. But we alone by ourselves can not totally solve the problems without you…the informed, concerned Sportsman—the voter.

We know you Sportsmen are as frustrated and as sick and tired of this Nevada Department of Wildlife mismanagement as we are. Enough is enough as the saying goes. We also feel and sense your helplessness to take on such a body of self-aggrandizing, diploma-wielding government regulating people. Let us do it—you can support us by staying informed.

It is my intention not to make postings on the website too long but rather to make them more frequent. I’ve set a goal to spend the month of January exposing N.D.O.W.’s mismanagement and corruption on the HUNTER’S ALERT website. Throughout the remainder of 2006 I will refer back to this and expand on things. Under the title of It Happened That Way, you should be able to sort it out on this anticipated busy website from many other postings. Keep up daily as it’s going to happen fast. Tomorrow—the beginning and exposition of the history of N.D.O.W. mismanagement.

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