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It Happened That Way - Part 2

Written by Bud Sonnentag
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1948 to 2006

The disunification of Nevada Sportsmen and Wildlife by the ruling body of ten biologists and game wardens reached its perfect zenith in 1973 by the formation of an axis of university diploma carrying men. These men were indoctrinated, predisposed well educated preservationists, protectionists and ecologists but not wildlife game managers as the unwary Nevada sportsman was to painfully find out over thirty three years of their mismanagement. The die was cast.

Though it began twenty five years earlier by Frank Groves (a predator biologist out of Oregon) hired by Nevada in 1949 to be the fish and game director, he spent those years from 1949 to 1973 amassing an axis of approximately ten men who were anti-sportsmen and pro- preservationist. These men created the hideous wildlife problems you Nevada sportsmen are facing today and have always faced. The leftovers of this 1973 biological axis of men are still in the sportsman’s face today. Terry Crawforth, N.D.O.W. director—Jim Jeffress, commissioner and Dave Rice their PR man (the rah-rah cheerleader for N.D.O.W. and the Board of Wildlife Commissioners). Here is the roster of new recruits hired by Frank Groves in 1973 before he left office for everyone to examine.


Frank Groves 1949-1973, director
Glen Griffith game chief, later director 1973-1979
Glen Christensen biologist and game chief
Willi Molini 1968 to 1998, biologist and later director
Terry Crawforth 1969 to present, game warden and current director
Jim Jeffress 1972 to 2003, biologist, retired (currently holds commission seat)
Dave Ashman early player and definite axis member—biologist
Dave Rice 1971 - retired, currently a NDOW cheerleader writing his own opinion column for the Reno Gazette Journal
Dick Hall state predator hunter, sympathizer to axis by his job
George Tsukomoto former game warden, promoted to Chief of Big Game, couldn't stand Molini, moved to Washington state
Joe Greenley a loser, but one of Frank Groves’ myrmidons for many years


All these men knew each other perfectly in 1973 as they all do to this day, retired or not. They all shared at least three things in common---a fascination with mountain lions, an aversion towards professional mountain lion guides and all were hired by Frank Groves. Frank Groves' mesmerization and glorification of mountain lions set Nevada on an irreversible course of wildlife destruction and mismanagement that is solidly entrenched in the Nevada Department of Wildlife today.
In the next few days I will expose the facts to you by records, news articles, letter correspondence and signed affidavits how these infamous ten N.D.O.W. men became known by Jim Ornellas, Cecil Fredi, myself and many others as the circle of collusive government.
Log on daily if you will to and follow this battle for the recovery and protection of Nevada sportsmen’s once famous mule deer herd. E-mail to everyone you know nationwide, especially someone you know in the news media.
This is the N.D.O.W. corruption and mismanagement Super Bowl kick off for 2006!

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