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It Happened That Way - Part 3

Written by Bud Sonnentag
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1949 to 2006
One of the greatest mysteries and most closely guarded secrets in the Nevada Department of Fish and Game was to keep the world from knowing who was responsible for the most vicious predator on the North American continent being removed from a predator status and made a glorified big game animal. Who was this so-called eco- terrorist and his government agency? Was he the only one to blame? Was the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a federal agency, involved? How was it kept a secret? Did the people involved have something to gain? How did this reclassification of a known and accepted predator by our entire nation for more than 200 years affect Nevada’s once famous mule deer herd? These questions and many more can be directly traced to the glorification of one of the most notorious predators known to man, the mountain lion and to the men who reclassified it.

Director Frank Groves, an Oregon predator biologist, in 1965 will go down forever in the annals of Nevada history as having this recognition. Comparing the meeting minutes of two long ago concealed documents… of January 26, 1973 “Wildlife Commissioners meeting” and another on January 13-14, 1976, the first “Mountain Lion Workshop of the Western States and Western Canada,” a clear unmistakable picture of collusion, corruption and mismanagement by the infamous 1973 axis was set in motion. Not only was Nevada Fish and Game Department guilty…so was U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. I’ll remove the lid from this cesspool and allow everyone to look inside and see for yourselves.

January 26, 1973, Las Vegas, Nevada
State Board of Fish and Game Commissioners meeting minutes
1:30 p.m., Union Plaza Hotel….meeting adjourned 2:40 p.m.
Page 2. bottom two paragraphs:

"Commissioner (Wayne) Kirch then stated that the lion should not have been put on the big game list and most of the commissioners agreed; he then stated that whomever it was that talked us into reclassifying the mountain lion into a game animal should be hung.
Director Groves then stated that there may be problems with legislation with anti-hunting and protectionists concerning the mountain lion, and that we should be careful in the approach. He also stated that the Department of Fish and Game cannot budget for predator control."

January 13-14, 1976, Nugget, Sparks, Nevada
Mountain Lion Workshop of the Western States and Western Canada
Page 21 (of 212 pages) second paragraph.

Nevada Fish and Game Department: Willie Molini:
"Prior to 1965 little attention was given to the mountain lion in Nevada. In 1965 the Fish and Game Commissioners at the request of the Department of Fish and Game made the mountain lion a game animal. The classification didn’t do much at first for the lions; but it did establish a season, which was year around."


May 26, 1965
Nevada Fish and Game Commission
News Release
Page 8 paragraph 3

the cougar on the big game list was done to afford some control and protection over the animal which is included as one of the U.S.’s endangered species."

These three stand alone documents condemn the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Nevada Department of Fish and Game director Frank Groves and all of his new recruits (the 1973 axis players) by closely connecting them together under Groves’ regime. As Cecil Fredi so aptly put it in a recent article. “They chose to stay the course” using a “Circle of Collusive Government.” By close examination of these three documents one can learn a great deal about what was said and by whom. The 1976 Mountain Lion Workshop is by far the most revealing document because of its sheer size if not content along with its being mysteriously withheld from the eyes of the general public. Forty eight persons attended the workshop…. eight persons represented Nevada. Nevada Department of Fish and Game hosted the workshop and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service sponsored it.

Tomorrow: The names of people and more documentation of lies, deceit and cover-ups, to include violating Nevada’s open meeting law.

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