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It Happened That Way - Part 4

Written by Bud Sonnentag
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1949 to 2006

Cougar and Mule Deer Mismanagement.

The Federal Government by means of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has a vice grip stranglehold on the state of Nevada’s wildlife because of the 85% federally owned land in Nevada. They hold the purse strings to the money bag which equates to power. The federal political manipulation of this state has always been known in Nevada and in the area of wildlife this has been no exception. Beginning around 1960, a movement began toward protectionism in our country which was instigated by the U.S.F. & W.S. About this same time the feds conveniently discontinued the bounty system for predators on the west coast. This effectively dried up the much needed money to control predators in Nevada which in turn led the western states to seek other monetary means to control the ever persistent predator problem and consequently left the states even more at the mercy of the feds. The feds’ next move throughout the early 1960’s was to politically influence the western state legislatures to reclassify the mountain lion from a predator to a big game animal. This move is clear and unmistakable by anyone who reads the 1976 Mountain Lion Workshop of the Western States and Western Canada.

Federal influence is undeniable. This subversive reclassification of the mountain lion was successfully carried out by the western states from 1965 to 1974 through each of the states’ legislatures. Never in the 400 years since the settlement of this country has there ever been a wildlife blunder that had such a deleterious impact on the lives of so many people as the protection of a carnivore, the mountain lion. I venture to say that it has easily affected the lives of 100 million people west of the Mississippi and has foolishly cost our nation in excess of billions of dollars. Just the thousands of new jobs that were created by this action alone on the state and federal level over the years would consume this much money to say nothing of the hundreds of worthless propaganda studies that have been wasted trying to justify it. No doubt the U.S.F. & W.S. receives the lion’s share (excuse the pun) for this opprobrium. The insensible loss of human life over the past 40 years attributed to this federal and state faux pas should be viewed by this nation as none other than criminal. I intend to do an in-depth article in the near future about this very subject of criminal liability on a federal and state level attributed to so-called wildlife mismanagement. Attention….Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming!.

Following the federal discontinuance of the bounty system the states found themselves in a trap. They now had to appease thousands of ranchers, cattlemen, and wool growers who (even today) are assessed a fee per animal to receive protection by the feds and the state from predators such as the mountain lion. The Circle of Collusive Government legerdemain began and to this day they “choose to stay the course.” Let me ask some long over due questions to probe the insidious depths of this problem.

Do you really believe that it was just a coincidence that the U.S.F. & W.S. chose Nevada to host its first mountain lion workshop held in 1976 when Nevada ranks first in the nation of federally owned land? Do you really believe that it was another coincidence that the second workshop held in 1984 would be in Utah, which just happens to be the number two state of federally owned lands in the contiguous 48 states? Do you believe that it was pure chance that Frank Groves was hired by Nevada to be a fish and game director when the records show he came from Oregon as a predator biologist; and by the way…Oregon just so happens to be the number three state in the union of federally owned western lands? Do you believe that it was purely an accident that the U.S.F. & W.S. Division of Federal Aid from Portland, Oregon sponsored and steered this first meeting by Bob Fischer and eight of his U.S.F. & W.S. buddies? Do you really believe the U.S.F. & W.S and Nevada Fish and Game can claim ignorance of violating Nevada statute NRS 241.010 and 241.020 when by their own admission they held a closed door meeting by invitation only on January 13 and 14, 1976. This statute remained virtually unchanged from 1960 to 1977. Do you believe that it was accidental to publish a news release on May 26, 1965 by N.F.G. that flat-out states that the mountain lion is an endangered species when it never was? Do you feel it was a fluke when Texas refused to go along with the mountain lion protectionist movement to make it a game animal? Do you find it surprising to learn that Texas is 98% privately owned land and affords no protection whatsoever to the mountain lion? Do you find it difficult to believe that nearly every western state’s wildlife was paralyzed by the mountain lion’s reclassification? Do you find it hard to believe that state and federal biologists are nothing more than eco-terrorists by their very actions of not protecting all wildlife instead of favoring a predator? Do you think the state and federal wildlife agencies receive their salaries from the Audubonders and Sierra Clubbers of our nation? Do you sportsmen feel that you have been deliberately marginalized for 40 years, being the exemplary conservationists that you are and knowing you have footed these agencies wages through all these years, by such taxes as the Federal Pittman Robertson Act of 1937? Are you sportsmen fully aware that both the state and federal agencies that were originally instituted to represent the nation’s sportsmen are now prostituting themselves out to protectionist societies? They play the sportsmen off against the preservationists using the news media while making wholesale merchandise of you and by creating thousands of government jobs along with fat retirements; all the while making themselves referees in one of the most sensitive controversial wildlife issues to ever come on the American scene since civil rights. Do you find it suspicious that of all the past eight mountain lion workshops that were held on the west coast since 1976…not one of the policy-making publications are to be found in any Nevada State Library? Do you realize the complexity of this problem knowing that only 4% of our nation’s population are hunter sportsmen and 96% are neutral? You can bet our nation’s wildlife biologists, who are supposed to represent the sportsmen, know this perfectly. They know how to capitalize on it by resorting to the (wildlife) moral high-grounders of 96% who are neutral or protectionists whenever it is to their advantage to do so. And as I said, play you off against each other for monetary gain.

If you Nevada sportsmen can lightly pass off these questions and are not incensed by this revelation of 40 years of wildlife mismanagement, I do not hold out too much hope for our children or grandchildren’s hunting future in this state or any western state as we once knew it. The change over the years has not been for the betterment of wildlife and hunting, but the change that HUNTER’S ALERT has for the upcoming year of 2006 definitely is. Stay tuned to Though we have a long way to go, armed with the facts and the truth, we will succeed.

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