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It Happened That Way - Part 5

Written by Bud Sonnentag
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1949 to 2006
There are currently three men left from the original group of 1973 axis members who beat the NDOW drums of praise and accomplishment louder than ever before. One of them is the NDOW director, Terry Crawforth. Another is Jim Jeffress, a Wildlife Commissioner. And Dave Rice is their mouthpiece beating the tom toms for a “Land of abundant Wildlife” in unison with Reno Gazette Journal’s sympathetic reporters leaving the sportsman, cattleman, ranchers and woolgrowers woefully without representation and sorely out-maneuvered. Whether this triad today is willful or just convenient is one for conjecture but it most definitely was forged thirty five years ago by men who showed little respect for sportsmen then, anymore than they appear to today. Because of these and other NDOW men, Nevada sportsmen have painfully endured several media campaigns aimed at them from NDOW and lambasted by newspapers, especially the R.G.J. The first anti-sportsman campaign was thoroughly investigated and exposed by Nevada sportsman Ira Hansen in 1993 so there’s no need of rehashing it except to say three things. It revolved around propaganda fallacies by NDOW law enforcement with full knowledge of all three axis players and was designed to disparage the sportsmen of Nevada with outright lies printed on a regular basis in the R.G.J newspaper throughout the years of the 1980’s to the 1990’s.

HUNTER’S ALERT lists these news article dates below for anyone who would like to research them for the facts. We don’t list them all because there are too many.

Don Cox: 4-24-88, 5-17-87, R.G.J.; two articles: 9-25-88, R.G.J.; Editorial: 10-5-88, R.G.J.; Dave Rice: 5-1-91, 2-2-93, 10-10-91, 5-21-92, R.G.J.

I’ll reprint Ira Hansen’s shocking response to all this. “Much basic information has been withheld from the author that would have made this study much more comprehensive.” That says it all, doesn’t it, sportsmen? Thanks to you, Ira Hansen!  

The second anti-sportsmen campaign began in the late 1990’s with Terry Crawforths directorship which used similar tactics. Today Terry uses huff and puff in the news media to hype himself, the Wildlife Commissioners and NDOW by giving out lavish awards, presentations and glowing encomiums to paint an “all’s well in Nevada wildlife” picture. This is completely false and HUNTER’S
ALERT has spent sixteen years or more exposing this type of mismanagement and the people who are responsible for it. We will continue to expose the pro-protectionist and anti-sportsman attitude of Terry Crawforth, Jim Jeffress and Dave Rice for all sportsmen world wide to see. Everything that has gone on in NDOW for thirty five years is clearly known by all three of these guys. What one knows so does the other. This must be understood by sportsmen to grasp this problem. What one sets up the other “slapsticks” it in the R.G.J. and L.V.R.J. newspapers.
Though Jim Jeffress was the only one of the three on record who attended the 1976 Mountain Lion Workshop it is virtually impossible for Terry Crawforth and Dave Rice to admit ignorance of this earth shaking meeting and two hundred twelve page government publication that was kept from the Nevada public. For them to admit they did know, is even more damning because of the obvious and the paper trail they both left over the years regarding mountain lions and the loss of Nevada’s famous mule deer. Terry Crawforth’s attitude toward Nevada sportsmen for thirty five years is forever epitomized in two statements from the 2004 “NDOW Annual Report” saying “I believe it is vitally important that you, the agency’s customers, know as much as possible about NDOW”, etc. Terry Crawforth, I not only speak on behalf of all Nevada sportsmen but on behalf of twelve million American hunter sportsmen. We are not your customers anymore than we are the customers of any Wildlife Agency across this nation… State or Federal! On behalf of all sportsmen we demand a public mea culpa for such a show of unprofessional disdain and egregious disrespect by a State Wildlife Director.

Jim Jeffress! You’re next. Because of your indisputable presence at the 1976 Mountain Lion Workshop coupled with years of employment at NDOW as a biologist, could you explain to the Nevada sportsmen why you’re sitting on the Wildlife Commission and they’ve lost their mule deer? Why do you sit on the Wildlife Commission trying to appear as a “Joan of Arc?” You look stupid. In the June 24, 2005 commission meeting minutes, page 10, you referred to sportsmen as being “opportunistic predators.” All sportsmen can easily recognize your character attitude from this public show of disrespect. We demand your resignation from the Board of Wildlife Commissioners as unfit to represent sportsmen by your willful disparagement of their impeccable character as conservationists. You’re not innocent, Jim Jeffress, you’re disgusting because of thirty five years of NDOW involvement

Now for you, Dave Rice! With your chessy cat eatin’ grin in the R.G.J. every week; I can’t help but think the Nevada sportsmen are growing sick and tired of your beating NDOWs tom toms for thirty five years saying… all is well with Wildlife, Molini and Crawforth in Nevada. I suspect the R.G.J. has a set of their own drums, which if it were known, were probably issued to them from NDOWs’ over stocked supply room where yours undoubtedly came from when Frank Groves hired you thirty five years ago, Mr. Rice.

The solution to this problem, Nevada sportsmen…is to get rid of all three of these guys quickly before they wreak more havoc on you and wildlife. Can you imagine a cattleman employing mountain lions and coyotes to watch over his herd? That’s basically what sportsmen have had watching over their interests for the last thirty five years. At any cost don’t let NDOW and the Wildlife Commissioners psychologically destroy you. We deserve to be respected by them.

Nevada is long over due for a major wildlife management overhaul. Those who have been in charge need to be replaced by men who will show respect for sportsmen of Nevada. Men who would find it embarrassing to publicly refer to their fellow sportsmen as customers or opportunistic predators. Men who would find it shameful to crucify Nevada sportsmen with such an epithet as poacher the way NDOW law enforcement so often did in Nevada’s largest newspapers the R.G.J. and L.V.R.J.. Please stay informed through HUNTERS ALERT web site. Tell all your friends state and nation wide to log on to www.huntersalert.org. Question sportsmen… Haven’t you found it strange that HUNTER’S ALERT has not asked you for money? What we need from you…money can’t buy.

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