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HUNTER’S ALERT Right again!

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We hate to continue using this for the title of an article. But as long as the Wildlife commissioners and NDOW keep furnishing us with the material, HUNTER’S ALERT will continue to print it. HUNTER’S ALERT has stated many times that it doesn’t do any good to attend a County Advisory Board meeting or a Wildlife Commission meeting.


 Never was that more evident than at the Clark County Advisory Board to Manage Wildlife (CCABMW) on May 8. The attendance was so bad that the Las Vegas Review Journal outdoor writer, C. Douglas Nielsen, titled his article, “Public mum on big game tag quotas”.


His article stated that there was one (1) member of the hunting public who attended the meeting.  Anyone in the know should not be surprised by this dismal showing. Most sportsmen and all of the old-timers refuse to attend because their input falls on deaf ears.


This was one of the most important meetings for hunters to attend as seasons, dates and quotas were to be discussed and acted upon. Why didn’t sportsmen show up? Let’s answer that question.


The purpose of the county advisory boards is to receive input from the public and pass that information on to the Wildlife Commission where the final decisions are made. Sounds great. Government listening to sportsmen’s concerns and making good sound decisions with their input. HA! Nothing could be further from the truth.


Former Wildlife commissioner Brad Quilici explained to HUNTER’S ALERT that most Wildlife Commission decisions are agreed upon long before the Wildlife Commission meeting occurs. In other words, the Wildlife Commission meeting is just a formality. Forget what the public wants, their minds are already made up.


Clark County has close to 2 million people (1.9 million, according to Clark County stats) and one person shows up! Rural counties with small populations have good attendance at their meetings. What’s the difference? The article stated that Wildlife commissioner Clint Bentley was there, of course he was there. His wife, Cindy Alexander, is Vice Chairperson of the CCABMW. 


This is a direct conflict of interest as his wife is making recommendations to him while he is a Wildlife commissioner. This is pure and simple government corruption. Until Kenny Guinn’s dismal appointments to the Wildlife Commission are phased out, there will be no public participation. It wasn’t that way when Wilford Allen was chairman of the CCABMW. It’s real simple to figure out what the difference is.

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