Saturday, 21 October 2006 03:16

NDOW’s reason for mule deer slaughter is bogus

Written by Bud Sonnentag
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For the Wildlife commissioners and NDOW to use Area 6 range fires as an excuse to sway Nevada citizens into thinking Nevada’s mule deer destruction has been caused by fires and habitat loss is a deliberate deception on their part and inexcusable. Let’s prove it.

There are 70,040,000 acres of land in Nevada. Of this, 1.6 million acres have burned this year. All of the 1.6 million are not solely in Area 6. All of the acreage that has burned is not prime mule deer habitat. Area 6 is not the incubator or rearing grounds for all mule deer in Nevada. Area 6 is not the only deer area in the state.

We have very few mule deer left in all other areas in Nevada. HUNTER’S ALERT has been saying this for years and it has fallen on deaf ears for years. The remaining 69 million acres of this state have not been hit by fires. Every sportsman in Nevada should be screaming bloody murder at this mismanaged agency.

Was this a sympathy ploy for hunters and non-hunters to be involved in reseeding the burned area? NDOW is trying to make itself look like a saint by taking an unfortunate situation, turning it around by using deception and propaganda to make itself look good. The end result is the mule deer will be the loser along with the hunters. If our deer herds were being managed properly throughout the state, Area 6 would be a setback but not a catastrophe as NDOW would have you believe. For many years, HUNTER’S ALERT has stated that whenever catastrophes like fires happen, if predator numbers were low, our deer would rebound. NDOW believes you can have lots of predators and lots of deer. However, we challenge the Wildlife commissioners and NDOW to show us this area.

Could another reason be that NDOW is broke and they could use the $150,000 that this will generate? People who live in that area are saying that most of the deer from North Fork and Merritt areas winter on the Bruno River area and on the Owyhee Desert. The article in the latest HUNTER’S ALERT newsletter by Brad Quilici entitled "If you don’t work for NDOW, your opinion doesn’t count" is exactly what is happening with this fiasco. Hopefully, an attorney who likes to deer hunt will get a court injunction to stop this slaughter. This is another case of when NDOW says it is true, the Wildlife commissioners rubber stamp it and to hell with what the general public thinks, wants or knows.

Bud Sonnentag

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