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NDOW creates another giant mess

Written by Hunters Alert
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Nevada Department of Wildlife has decided to do an emergency deer slaughter (I mean) hunt using wildfires as the reason. There were many questions that should have been addressed before this farce was approved. First, why didn’t they wait until after the regular deer season was over to evaluate the harvest? If the habitat isn’t there, isn’t this considered a slaughter? Why didn’t NDOW get the opinions of the people who live in and know the areas? The answer is they didn’t, so concerned sportsmen went to Assemblyman John Carpenter and had some of this proposed area closed to the slaughter because it is not a wintering area for deer. So much for NDOW’s knowledge on wintering areas. Why didn’t some genius on the Wildlife Commission suggest that they go to the governor for some funding to relocate the deer? Of course, this would require some work on NDOW’s part and they are not into that.

But wait, this stinking fiasco gets worse. As most sportsmen are aware, NDOW could not keep their hands out of the big game tag draw so the legislature privatized the draw to keep it honest and fair for all sportsmen. Currently, Systems Consultants in Fallon has been awarded the successful bid to run the draw and has done an outstanding job doing this for many years.

Governor Kenny Guinn approved 1,000 doe deer tags to be given out for this emergency hunt due to the wildfire destruction of habitat. When this hunt was announced to the public, on a first come first serve basis, the website had over 200,000 hits in one hour, jamming up their system. This overwhelming interest was not anticipated by anyone! The thousand tags were sold out in less than three hours. But the jammed web servers allotted 300 more tags than the governor had approved.

It appears acting director Doug Hunt made the decision on his own to give out the additional 300 tags. This was done without the permission of the governor. As a result, Governor Guinn relieved Doug Hunt of his acting director duties. Rob Buonamici was assigned to the acting director post.

HUNTER’S ALERT believes the corrective action would have been to relocate as many deer as possible using a massive trapping operation. Governor Guinn should have asked for an emergency state appropriation to fund this project. After all, he continues to tell everyone about the great surplus of money available. If he did not want to fund the relocation, then it is up to him to decide to have a special hunt or just let them die off.

This fiasco should prove to NDOW and the Wildlife Commission that the demand for deer hunting opportunities is very much a priority in the Game Division. Hunters want their deer herds back and want the ability to hunt as proven by this unprecedented high response to this hunt. It’s time for the Wildlife commissioners to get their heads out of the sand and respond to deer hunting in this state instead of lizards, frogs, chipmunks, etc. If there were any leadership in NDOW or the Wildlife Commission, someone with some authority would be doing something to correct this problem as once again, the public has spoken.

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