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It's time to get mad, get involved or forget it!

Written by Cecil Fredi
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We are going to lay out in this editorial what has been happening to all fish and game agencies for many years. Let's start out with the Golden Rule, as everyone knows he who has the gold, makes the rules. This is exactly what is going on with the funding of all fish and game departments.


Where does the gold (money) come from to fund these agencies? There are two federal acts that are responsible for providing the funds. The Pittman-Robertson Act provides state fish and game agencies money for the management and restoration of wildlife. This funding is provided through an excise tax on sporting arms, ammunition and other equipment.


The other act is the Dingell-Johnson Act which provides financial assistance for state fish restoration management plans and projects. This act is funded by a tax on sport fishing equipment. These two acts furnish the funding for all state fish and game agencies. The intent of these programs was good, however as time passed, the original intent has been lost.


Whenever there are millions of dollars to be spread around, rest assured that 100 percent will not be used for the intended purpose. This is particularly true as the funds are dispersed by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in Washington, D.C.  The "anti" organizations such as Defenders of Wildlife, The Nature Conservancy and others come to the feeding trough in Washington, D.C. as well.


Why should these organizations spend their money on programs they want when by using deceptive measures, they can make the sportsmen pay for it? Some of their agendas they have forced on fish and game agencies are" Conservation and Reinvestment Act", "Teaming with Wildlife" and currently, "State Wildlife Grants".  It almost borders on extortion as the antis claim states would save money as some plants and animals would not be listed as endangered if not for these acts.


Rather than the US F & WS spending the money for which it was intended, they decided to sell out the sportsmen to appease the antis. Another anti agenda for many years which has been disastrous to sportsmen is the protection of large predators such as mountain lion, bears and wolves. Once again, sportsmen are being sold out by the US Fish & Wildlife Service for the protection of these predators.


For the past few years, the favorite greenie buzzword has been biodiversity.  In layman's terms, it means spending sportsmen's money on tweety birds, lizards, guppies and hundreds of other non-game creatures. Oh sure, the feds throw the state fish and game agencies a bone to fund these programs, however it doesn't even come close to covering the programs the antis want.


The point to make is that because state fish and game agencies must rely on federal funds, these agencies become prostitutes.  Simply put, the feds give money to these agencies and then the agencies do what the US F & WS wants them to do. The bottom line of this prostitute agreement is hunters are getting sold out by their own fish and game agencies. This must stop and the only way it can be stopped is by legislation. Let's get back to the original intent of the money collected by the two aforementioned acts. The sheep, deer, elk and duck clubs and other organizations claiming to represent sportsmen are not going to help in this fight.  They only do feel-good things which  doesn't include fighting for hunters.


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By Cecil Fredi




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