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Wildlife Commissioners desert Nevada Deer Hunters

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In the 2001 Legislative session, HUNTER'S ALERT, working with Nevada Hunters Association and Assemblyman Jerry Claborn were successful in passing Assembly Bill 291. This bill enacted a $3.00 predator fee for every big game tag that hunters applied for. It should be noted that no other so-called sportsmen's organization helped in the passage of this bill which was desperately needed to restore our deer.


This bill provides over $300,000 a year for predator control. The original intent of the bill was to do predator control to bring back our deer. However, the Wildlife Commissioners decided to do more sheep projects than deer projects. The reason for this is that the Wildlife Commission is stacked with sheep club members. It shows that they could care less about people who want to hunt deer.


To them, it is more important for 150 people to hunt sheep than the 35,000 hunters who want to hunt deer. I guess nobody in the sheep club hunts deer. Nothing like being a selfish bunch!  NDOW has refused to do any predator control on its own. So with the money provided by sportsmen, they farm it out to Wildlife Services.


Wildlife Services is a federal program whose mission is to protect agriculture, natural resources, property and the human health and safety of the citizens of Nevada from the threat of injury, damage, or resource loss due to wildlife. For almost 20 years, HUNTER'S ALERT has been telling NDOW, the Wildlife Commissioners and the sportsmen in the state of Nevada that we have a serious predator problem. To prove how bad the predation is in our state, here are some examples from Wildlife Services newsletter, The Trapline, December 2007 edition.


  • On December 11th, north of Winnemucca, Pilot Brent Taggart and Crewmember Brandon VanderMay conducted an early morning hunt that resulted in the removal of 41 coyotes.


  • December 14th, WS Miller was walking up a canyon and found the remains of a large 30 inch + mule deer buck that he verified that a male mt. lion had killed and fed upon the previous week or so. WS Miller also noticed that the dead buck was one of the original ear tagged deer that was tagged by the Nevada Department of Wildlife to monitor if predators were killing deer in this particular area. WS Miller traveled up the canyon two more miles and found he had snared a 130 pound four year old male mt. lion. This is the 9th mt. lion that has been removed from this area since this spring. Trophy mule deer in Nevada come at a hefty price and landowner mule deer tags in this area often sell for $4,000 to $5,000 each. The odds to draw a rifle deer tag in this area usually come with 6 to 1 odds. WS Miller also removed three coyotes for the week. WS Miller is an excellent trapper and his many years of expertise definitely shows in his work.


  • During the week of December 17th thru December 21st WS Ben Miller has been a busy man snowshoeing into remote locations checking equipment on the Washoe County Mule Deer Project (hunt unit 014). WS Miller inspected one of his "call box snare lines" and found where he trailed snared one 120 pound male mt. lion. The mt. lion was no doubt coming into the call box as he was only snared 20 feet away from the unit. This is the 10th mt. lion removed from this area since last May. If a mt. lion kills a deer a week (or a bighorn sheep or antelope) then these 10 removed mt. lions might have killed many more deer than all the deer hunters did this fall. WS Miller will continue to protect mule deer in this area.


If it is this bad in the area where they are doing predator control work, it has to be the same wherever there are mule deer. Where mule deer are wintering, without a doubt, there are mountain lions feeding on them. This is what lions do. They kill mule deer for their primary food source. You don't have to be a wildlife biologist to realize this fact, especially if you have spent any time outdoors with mule deer and mountain lion.  Is it any wonder why we have lost the majority of our deer? The people who are lost are the holdover commissioners from former governor Kenny Guinn's appointments. Clint Bentley and other sportsmen's representatives on the Wildlife Commission are a disgrace to the sportsmen they are supposed to represent. They didn't have a clue before their appointments to the Commission and after many years of disservice to the sportsmen they still don't get it!  To read more, go to

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