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For the Wildlife commissioners and NDOW to use Area 6 range fires as an excuse to sway Nevada citizens into thinking Nevada’s mule deer destruction has been caused by fires and habitat loss is a deliberate deception on their part and inexcusable. Let’s prove it.

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At various times over the past twenty years, I was a member of a county game board to manage wildlife. When I was not a member, I attended these meetings on a regular basis. At these meetings, it was always Nevada Department of Wildlife’s (NDOW) position that no one from a county game board, ranch, farm or a hunter knew anything about fish and game matters. This was in spite of the age of the individual or how many years experience they had pertaining to wildlife matters.

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Did you know that last year 34,944 Nevada residents applied for a deer tag?  (Take the Poll)

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This is a letter written as a Follow-Up to the May 13th Wildlife Commission Meeting. No response has been received from NDOW, the Wildlife Commission, or the Attorney General's office.

May 26, 2006


Chris Mackenzie

402 N. Division

Carson City, Nevada 89703


Dear Chairman Mackenzie:


At the May 13 Wildlife Commission meeting, I testified that the mountain lion was never legally and lawfully made a big game animal by your state agencies. I am requesting written proof of evidence you have that may prove otherwise. If you cannot obtain any evidence that the mountain lion was ever legally made a big game animal, then you will notify the public immediately that it is an unprotected predator and end this 41 year cover-up…now!


I expect an answer within thirty (30) days on this matter.






Bud Sonnentag

PO Box 72

Gabbs, NV 89409

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Dear Bud and Cecil,

Thanks again for appearing on my show.

You both did a great job.

I can feel the passion in your words.

Do not give up the ship.

We can win this thing.

Enjoy your performance.

I hope we meet someday.

Best of luck in every way.



Jim Slinsky
The Outdoor Talk Network
A nationally syndicated talk-radio program

Watch for the PODcast on

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Mountain lion carnage caused by incompetence

There was a time a family could enjoy the wide expanses of our western United States being free to hike, explore and camp at will with little or no fear. We can thank our prudent ancestors for this relaxing outdoor freedom we have enjoyed in the past.

Today it’s a different story, a different outdoors and a different experience. Today our lands have become dangerous, hostile and unsafe all because of one animal---the mountain lion. For this we can thank the heads of the game departments, the biologists, the brainless Wildlife commissioners and their large following of protectionist preservationists.

What you will see written here are facts—not to scare you but to educate you and your loved ones.


Reno Gazette Journal, April 6, 2006. “Hunter shoots lion that charged him, son.” This man and his son were lucky…he had a gun and had a split second to fire and kill it. In most cases like this the outcome will usually be too gruesome and bloody to write about. But here is what the RGJ printed at the close of the article given to them by the California D.F.G. website. Mind you…These are just the bold print topics. “What to do: Do not hike alone! Keep children close to you! Do not approach a lion! Do not run from a lion! Do not crouch down or bend over! Appear larger! Fight back if attacked!” There is one caveat missing here that begs to be added to the list. “Don’t leave the safety of your home”! Only this last warning is guaranteed to keep you safe. The other seven are nothing more than false security and lame ideas to keep the public from ever knowing what is really going on out there.

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The majority of our states’ fish and game agencies are under the control and direction of biologists. They alone make every rule and regulation concerning the management of all wildlife in the North American continent including Canada. Every man, woman, and child is directly impacted by the power they wield through their management plans and decisions they make from day to day regarding wildlife, especially mountain lions. Make no mistake…biologists are the vitiators of all our wildlife problems and not our commissioners, legislators, or hunter sportsmen as you might think. If I thought for a second that biologists were saviors, I would never have called them eco-terrorists. Commissioners and legislators are involved in politics to formulate and institute the laws that biologists concoct in the name of science…rightly or wrongly. Biologists learn quickly to guard what they say publicly or risk getting crosswise with administration policy and being excommunicated by their state or federal agencies. You can bet what biologists do say publicly on television or in news print will be disguised as science but calculated to be propaganda to move public sentiment in a favorable direction to benefit their agency. Our state and federal fish and game agencies have no shortage of bunny huggers and tree lovers willing to support them. Mother earth and her wildlife have become a cult religion with hundreds of animal societies jockeying to be the “Pope”—biologists weaseling their way in as high priests and the hunter sportsman trying to get all of them in his sights.

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Lying about Lion

My dad and the men I spent my life working with taught me priceless lessons about human nature. One of these being: it is not so much what people say that you need to keep an eye on, but more… what it is they won’t or don’t say. What people know but surreptitiously hide or refuse to tell you about a subject can be revealing—and lethal. They feel they are under no ethical obligation to divulge certain information especially if it jeopardizes their employment, career or retirement. Up pops the state and federal diploma carrying biologists from Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to manipulate the emotions and minds of the uneducated and unwary citizens about how they as experts think mountain lions should be managed. No one - no matter who you are or how much field experience you may have attained about the mountain lion through life’s experiences and commonsense will ever equal the biologist’s university diploma. Our nation has glorified education beyond any reproach and has all but “murdered” common sense which comes down from our fore-fathers through hands on experience and not necessarily text books.

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CougarODFW; It is time for you to act,
but you won’t…
Lawsuit is on its way



If you have cancer, taking an aspirin is not the cure. But this is how Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) would attempt to cure the mountain lion problem. This is why I make that statement. ODFW finally realizes they have too many mountain lions in the state. The big controversy is over who should pay the feds to remove some of them, sportsmen or the taxpayers. ODFW thinks removing 40 percent of the estimated number of lions is going to be the cure for their lion problem.

ODFW is not even close
to solving this problem

A decision on this controversy is scheduled in Salem, Oregon on April 13. Oregon, like most western states, has a serious predator problem. The real problem is that those in charge will never admit there is a problem and thus there is no need for a cure.This is a serious dilemma that all western states are facing. The question is, how did these states get into such a mess?

To answer that question, one must realize that the Golden Rule applies here. He who has the gold makes the rules. Most state fish and wildlife departments get pretty close to their entire budgets from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses and tags. Federal taxes on guns, ammunition, etc. allow the government to return money to the states’ fish and wildlife agencies. This money is usually returned at a 3 to 1 ratio by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USF & WS). It is the USF & WS who has the gold or in this case, the dollars to distribute to the states’ fish and wildlife agencies. This money assures that they make the rules.

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Should the Nevada Department of Wildlife Director Terry Crawforth and Wildlife Commission Chairman Mackenzie get their way, sportsmen are in deep trouble. Together they are incubating a plan to hatch on an unsuspecting Nevada legislature in 2007 that will send shock waves through Nevada which in turn will ripple out to all conservationist hunter sportsmen in our nation.  They plan to make a concerted effort on the Nevada state legislature to raid the general fund for money to run a failing Nevada wildlife agency by using the general public’s tax paying dollars to accomplish it. Please refer to November 18-19, 2005 Commission meeting minutes, especially pages 13 and 14. A large majority of our nation’s wildlife agencies are in financial trouble (American Hunter, Sept. 2005, pg.19) due to their own top-heavy greedy bureaucratic mismanagement brought on by many years of straying away from the original intent of the Pittman-Robertson act of 1937 along with the western states (namely Nevada) unwillingness to admit horrendous wildlife blunders.

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