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We continue to get many comments from disgruntled sportsmen throughout our state. They are disgusted with Nevada Division of Wildlife and its direction. Our viewpoint has been criticized by some as a one person vendetta against NDOW But judging by the mail we receive, that criticism would seem to be unrealistic. The letters we receive are straight from the heart, unsolicited comments. Can hundreds of people be wrong? We don't think so! Just keep those comments coming. NDOW and the Wildlife Commission will not do anything about our problems but a new governor will!

'94 May 31


Written by Cecil Fredi
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We have had many, many people inquire whether HUNTER'S ALERT has actually asked Governor Miller for Willie Molini's resignation. The answer is yes. Back in December, 1990. But guess what, readers. Governor Miller never replied!

Dear Governor Miller: How long must the sportsmen of Nevada endure the incompetence of the Department of Wildlife director, Will Molini?

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Ever since Mahlon Brown was appointed to the Wildlife Commission he has been singing praises about the Nevada Division of Wildlife Administrator Willie Molini. He claims Willie is one of the best administrators in all the Western states and even compared him to General Schwarzkopf.

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I live in Utah where hunting has suffered from the same destructive forces of lion depradation (lions have been increasing for years) and a department that seems to be controlled by environmentalists because they arc organized.

We need an organization here in Utah. Hunters are really pissed! We aren't represented. The Wildlife Department issued 5,000 anterless permits for this 1993 season on mule deer. They only recently rescinded the order on threats of Department personnel going public. The herds can't rebound when they're being pounded by predation.

I'd like to sec the Utah Wildlife Department kill off coyotes and cougars in one fourth of the state ( a trial). The deer population would be unreal properly managed. Thanks, Karl Crooks

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The following letter was written by W. Ladd Johnson, President, Resources Management Inc. Mr. Johnson has fifteen years experience in duck release and habitat development

In response to your inquiry about predator control and is effect on waterfowl, someone must have the courage to present this important management procedure to those interested in preserving waterfowl. When I travel the country and explain how to create waterfowl and wildlife habitat, predator control becomes an important function of the management plan.

'93 Oct 31


Written by Hunters Alert
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We are continuing to receive comments from disgruntled sportsmen throughout our state. You are reinforcing our belief that we have serious problems within Nevada Department of Wildlife. It is just too bad that Governor Miller, NDOW director Will Molini, and the Board of Wildlife Commissioners refuse to address this pitiful situation. But remember, next year we can change that by removing Governor Miller from office.

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"Thank you for your efforts to help those of us who hunt and make our living on the land." F.J., Ely

"I will always support HUNTER'S ALERT as long as you do not get in bed with any government agencies such as NDOW, Forest Service, BLM etc. I no longer support most hunting organizations such as RMEF, DU, NBC etc. because I feel they have gotten in bed with the government and while doing so have helped to finance the government to stomp on private land owners right." G.M., Round Mountain

"Nevada's Dept. of Wildlife should charge $25 for a tag at large throughout the state for a mountain lion. When a hunter is successful he should then bring the animal in for inspection and receive $50.00 for his success in helping the state increase the deer herds. Thank you." E.B., Pahrump

"The verbal rebuttal against NDOW is very gratifying." D.R., Las Vegas

"THANKS!", G.S., Las Vegas

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