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Another Disgruntled Hunter

Written by C.H.
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October 18, 1999 Dear Sirs:

I recently took my second (and probably last; I'm disgusted) elk hunting trip in this state. This year I drew a cow elk tag for area 072, just east of Jarbidge. My husband and I spent one whole week there the first week (Sept. 15) and saw 3 elk--all bulls. We walked our legs off, mostly around the Elk Mt. area!

We spent 4 additional days there this last week, and saw ONE elk, so far away that even with a 30-power scope, couldn't tell if it was bull or cow. When we tried to get closer, it disappeared from the area.

Needless to say, we brought no elk home—again! Where does NDOW come up with 200 tags (125 early and 75 late) for cow elk in 072?

A couple of other stories which add to my disgust are both strictly hearsay, but they have a true ring to them.

The first story was told to my husband by a friend of his. This friend had been with others on a cow elk hunt, and had, after several days, found a herd of cows. As they were getting ready to shoot, an NDOW helicopter came over the area, scaring the cows away. This friend confronted NDOW, who denied even owning the helicopter. The fellow checked the identity, and found that it DID belong to NDOW, who then recanted!

The second story was told to us two weeks ago by a rancher who owns a ranch near the Lime Creek Basin of Elk Mountain. It seems that last year, a hunter had wounded a HUGE bull, but not killed it. The hunter made 15 subsequent trips to try to locate the bull, but no luck. Then the rancher saw a large crippled bull, called the hunter, and the hunter called NDOW, considering that it was now ONE DAY past hunting season. NDOW, true to their stripes, refused the hunter his bull. (It seems that they would rather have the bull die a slow, painful death to a cat or a coyote, rather than a quick clean death by hunting.)

Is it possible to use the Freedom of Information Act to get the basis of NDOW's information that they used to come up with the number of cow tags they issued for 072?


C.H., Lemmon Valley, NV

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