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We are continuing to receive comments from disgruntled sportsmen throughout our state. You are reinforcing our belief that we have serious problems within Nevada Department of Wildlife. It is just too bad that Governor Miller, NDOW director Will Molini, and the Board of Wildlife Commissioners refuse to address this pitiful situation. But remember, next year we can change that by removing Governor Miller from office.

"Give our NDOW hell" J.G.,Las Vegas "Keep up the good work-never let the scumbags rot!" D.L., Overton "Don’t let up!" LR., Las Vegas "In this area, predators hare Just about

elimintated the game; mountain lions have Increased alarmingly, as have coyotes. They are starting on livestock now.* D.E., Ely "Go get em T H.S., Zephyr Cove "Develop a program to encourage predator hunting" T.D., Las Vegas "Need new commission with hunters and sportsmen on the commission. Let hunters run business, seasons. B.Q., Lovelock

"How did Mollini get his position? What can I do to help? J.H., Reno "Thanks for opening my eyes to the NDOW." D.K., Sparks "Full speed ahead" B.H., Fallon "Made for some interesting reading." LJL, Overton

"Get NDOW before they finish hunting in Nevada." K.H., Fallon

"Serious predator control is the answer" K.M., Las Vegas

"Thanks, guys, for everything you've done, are doing, and will achieve hi the future, ps. Great Newsletter! Wish I could send more." J.H., Las Vegas "Keep up the good work." J.N., East Ely "Sign me up. This last bunch of allegations about Nappe using "our" facilities to promote her personal causes is too much." W.B., Las Vegas

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