Friday, 30 September 1994 17:00

Dear HUNTER'S ALERT members:

Written by Warren B. Hardy
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Dear HUNTER'S ALERT members:

I have truly enjoyed being involved with this great association. Thanks to HUNTER'S ALERT many great and exciting things are in store for the sportsman in Nevada. Working hand in hand with the Board of Directors we have developed a strategy for success during the 1995 Legislative session. We have had tremendous success in taking our message to Nevada's legislators. They are beginning to realize that HUNTER'S ALERT is the voice of the Nevada sportsman. The response of legislators to our concerns surrounding the status of game in Nevada has been overwhelmingly positive.

The ground work is in place. Our message is clear and it makes sense. Now is the time for you as members to get involved. As the 1995 Legislative Session draws closer, we will need your help in reaching your legislator. It is important that those who represent you in Carson City are aware of your concerns. During the Legislative Session we will set up grass root programs which will require your volunteer help to be successful. We don't need a great deal of your time, just a little quality time.

You are the key to our success. Your many years of hard work protecting our interests are about to be rewarded. Never again will the sportsmen of Nevada be left without a voice. We are here to stay and we will be heard.

Thank you for continuing to support this effort. Nevada is a great place to live, work, and hunt! With your help it will remain just that.


Warren B. Hardy

Government Affairs

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