Wednesday, 30 September 1998 17:00

Dear Hunter's Alert: Thomas J. Sheedy

Written by Thomas J. Sheedy & Family
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Dear Hunter's Alert:

I would like to thank your members, Tommy and Judy Ford for sending my family to the Burns Hermitage ranch. We truly did not know what to expect when we arrived. To say the least it was a magnificent weekend, it was a great learning experience for our children. We would also like to thank Virginia Frehner and Bob and Pat Snider for their time and effort, they certainly made it a grand weekend for us. They had immense patience with the kids when instructing them on the proper use of firearms and teaching them the fundamentals of being in the wilderness.

On this weekend my family had the opportunity to do so many different things that we normally wouldn't have a chance to do. They were taught how to handle firearms, shown the proper way to shoot trap and archery and had a great time fishing trout. The weekend wasn't long enough for the kids. Looking for Indian arrowheads was also a great high point for the family. The kids want to know how soon before they can go back. I would truly recommend this weekend for anyone who has a chance to go. A big thank you to Mary and Jim Burns for the wonderful hospitality, they made us feel right at home.


Thomas J. Sheedy & Family

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