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We continue to get many comments from disgruntled sportsmen throughout our state. They are disgusted with Nevada Division of Wildlife and its direction. Our viewpoint has been criticized by some as a one person vendetta against NDOW But judging by the mail we receive, that criticism would seem to be unrealistic. The letters we receive are straight from the heart, unsolicited comments. Can hundreds of people be wrong? We don't think so! Just keep those comments coming. NDOW and the Wildlife Commission will not do anything about our problems but a new governor will!

Our Readers Write...

  • 1. This is a well needed organization. G.M., Reno, NV
  • 2. Keep up the good work. F.S., Fallen, NV
  • 3. Glad to hear Nevada has an organization for hunter representation. G.M., Las Vegas, NV
  • 4. Keep up the good work. D.F., Las Vegas, NV
  • 5. I appreciate the rundown on the candidates. G.P., Las Vegas, NV
  • 6. Keep up the pressure—Good Work. G.DR., Las Vegas, NV
  • I. We must stick together to get Molini OUT. D.S., Fallon, NV
  • 8. Came across one of your newsletters—and agree fully with it. I have fished and hunted in Nevada for 65 years and feel that D.O.W. is our worst enemy. Please send application for your organization. Thanks, M.L., Elko, NV
  • 9. We do need a change, it's not working the way it is. T.A., Empire, NV
  • 10. Get rid of Molini! R.M., Elko, NV
  • I1. Keep trying. D.R., Las Vegas, NV
  • 12. Appreciate the "Know Your Candidates". E.M., Hawthorne, NV
  • 13. Please get rid of "slick Willie Molini". J.M., Carson City, NV
  • 14. This publication that has tracked down those friendly to hunters, and lets us know who supports hunters is worth the $20.00 membership alone. It's hard to know and find out on your own who is for or against. We are grateful for your research. It will help us when we go to the polls.
  • Thank you. R&PJ., Caliente, NV
  • 15. Let's get rid of Bob Miller. N.D., Gardnerville, NV
  • 16. Need a bounty on coyotes—A.S.A.P. CM., Las Vegas, NV
  • 17. I would like to start out by saying what a great job you are doing for the sportsmen of Nevada by keeping us informed with what's happening in Nevada outdoors. I have just gotten done reading the Summer 1994 newsletter and the main reason I am writing is what is it going to take to get Will Molini out of office? He has to go now! What can I do to help? How do I get Governor Miller's address to let him know how disgusted I am with "slick Willie's" work. C.J., Las Vegas, NV
  • 18. Please help the hunting be good again. K.L., Caliente, NV
  • 19. Dear Sirs: Please find enclosed a check for $20.00 in support of and for membership in your organization. Also enclosed is a copy of an article published in the Reno Gazette-Journal earlier this summer regarding the views of the gubernatorial candidates. Of special interest are the candidates' views on gun control All the candidates EXCEPT Jim Gibbons find gun controls and the Brady Bill acceptable. It has been my experience that people who support gun controls have a similar misunderstanding and lack of knowledge about hunting and true wildlife management. Most of their "views" seem to be those they think are held by the group they are addressing at that moment. J.M., Reno, NV
  • 20. BLACKMAIL BY NDOW: Dear Hunters Alert Here is a copy of a letter I sent to Governor Bob Miller: Dear Sir: The first part of 1993 I tried to get our Nevada Department of Wildlife to change this "BLACKMAIL" LAW they have regarding getting a refund on your hunting license. If you get a refund you loose your "Bonus Point". This is Buying a Bonus Point and "Blackmail". I took this matter to your office by letter and personal phone calls to your secretary. I asked your secretary to have a person from your office contact me. After months of trying I took this matter to my legislator. He returned my call the same day. I have called him a few times and he has returned my calls within hours. This man is Jim Gibbons and now he is running for governor. Jim Gibbons is getting my vote—my wife's vote—my children's votes and my grandchildren's votes. Also I feel that our Nevada Department of Wildlife needs a good house cleaning. It is not fit to represent the sportsmen of Nevada.

    Second Complaint: My son...shot an antelope last season in 1993. It was diseased. We drove 63 miles into Gerlach, Nevada and tried to get a Nevada game warden. None would come out, the Sheriffs deputy told us and they tried by phone. They were told for us to take the animal to Reno, Nevada on Monday. This was Saturday. We went back to Reno and on Monday turned the animal in the way we were told to do. Quote: Tom Atkinson said: "As far as I am personally concerned you shouldn't even be issued another tag". He said, "The Nevada Legislature went over my head and passed this law stating another tag should be issues for a diseased animal". He said no tag for this year will be issued and my son will get one next year and if you don't like it you can protest it but by the time you protest it the season will be over. This to me is not the kind of person that should be working for the Nevada Department of Wildlife. I feel we should get rid of the director and his appointees and people like Tom Atkinson. Maybe if we get a new governor he or she will appoint people that have some common sense and will work for the people of Nevada and not "Blackmail" the sportsman. I have read in different articles that the Nevada Department of Wildlife is the worst managed Department in Nevada. The "Bonus Point system Stinks" and I'm not the only person in Nevada that feels this way. We need a system that is "FAIR" to everyone. I know people that haven't gotten a tag for 3 or 4 or 5 years. Something is wrong with a system like this!!!! Well, maybe at the "POLLS" I will get some results. I believe in the old saying: The pen is mightier than the sword. F.A., Reno, NV
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