Saturday, 30 September 2000 17:00

Sportsmen Speak! Fall 2000

Written by Hunters Alert
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(And at last we have some Wildlife Commissioners who are listening)

"Educate the public to vote the SOB's out!" J D Lenox, MA

"It's good to hear that Tommy is going to get more involved in the sheep. I'm sure he'll do a good job." C.J.. Mesquite. NV

Good job. Keep after them!" E M.. Tonopah, NV

"I would donate more but I'm already donating to a similar mess in Eureka County.

Hang in there. You're doing great." B.J.. Eureka. NV

"I have hunted deer in Nevada since 1959. Even year I was lucky until 1986. Since then, only TWO. Please do something!'' R.B.. Las Vegas. NV

"Good work!" J.N.. Ely. NV

"Keep up the good work." J.H., Lovelock. NV

"Great job. Cecil. I hope we can get a handle on coyote and lion. Hopefully Tom will break the ice " C.B., Las Vegas. NV

"Thanks for your efforts! A valuable source of info. What ever happened on the case of the bighorn carcasses piled up on a mountain top and burned?" E.G.. Las Vegas. NV

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