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Ever since Mahlon Brown was appointed to the Wildlife Commission he has been singing praises about the Nevada Division of Wildlife Administrator Willie Molini. He claims Willie is one of the best administrators in all the Western states and even compared him to General Schwarzkopf.

Well, readers, reality has set in. Game numbers in our state are at an all time low and NDOW will be 3 to 4 million dollars in debt by 1996-97 Now they are asking for more increases in hunting and fishing licenses to keep NDOW going. Does this sound like the best administrator in the West?

The Wildlife Commission in conjunction with NDOW held two roundtable discussion type meetings for public input. They are desperately looking for answers now that the horse is out of the barn. The first was held in Reno and by the time NDOW put on their Fear & Threat (Dog & Pony) show there was no time left for public input. The second one was held in Las Vegas on January 15. Of course, it was not a literal roundtable discussion for sportsmen to speak It was the same old "stand before the intimidating commissioners" and give testimony as if the speaker were on trial Below are some of the comments that sportsmen gave to the Commission that day.


My name is Jim Heckman. I realize that I'm wasting my time here today. But I have to get this off my chest. I have hunted in Nevada for over 30 years. I used to see an abundance of game in our state. Now there is very little. It is shameful what has happened to hunting and fishing in our state. In simple terms, the game is no longer there.

It is apparent to me that you people arc sticking up for a Division of Wildlife administrator who knows nothing about increasing game numbers. The only thing Mr. Molini knows how to increase is hunting license and tag fees which he again wants to do. You are just as much to blame for the dwindling game population as the administrator is. You have chosen to follow this Pied Piper rather than lead. Either you do not have the ability to lead or you were appointed to follow his dismal philosophy. Whatever it is, the hunting has suffered in our state because of it.

Currently, Nevada Division of Wildlife is asking for sportsmen's input. They have never accepted any suggestions in the past and I'm sure that trend will continue. The administrator has been told for years about the serious problem of game predation in our state and refuses to acknowledge that it even exists. For the record, and pursuant to NRS 241.035,1 want my comments to be part of the record. I will tell you again, when predators kill ten to fifteen times more deer in our state than hunters, something is drastically wrong.

I have a suggestion for you, like most suggestions in the past, it probably won't be accepted. Why don't all of you go pay a visit to the many taxidermy shops and really find out what is going on with our game situation. You will learn more there than listening to and believing your own rhetoric.


My name is Billy Rouiller and I’ve lived in Nevada since 1978. I would like to ask you where your $14 million budget is being spent, it certainty isn't on fishing programs. Let me give you an example.

In June, 1991, my father, my son and I went to Sunnyside for a fishing trip. When we arrived at the campground, the weeds were 2 feet high in all of this so-called campground. The toilets were disgusting! There was no way to use them! The roads to the lakes were like washboards, and so rough the tail-lights on my new boat trailer broke out. Once arriving at the lakes, they were so full of weeds and moss that we could hardly launch my boat.

When we returned to Las Vegas, my father immediately called the head of the Department of Wildlife to complain. He was told that they had no funds to fix anything up. After my dad told them he had taken pictures of the toilets and the campground and was going to the RJ and Channel 8, he was immediately told to hold off until he could make some phone calls. One hour later, my dad got a return phone call saying the funds were found and they were going to get right on it. Where were these funds to begin with? And why hadn't the work been done?

On opening day of duck season this year, 1994, I returned. Once again the roads were nothing but washboards, and the toilets were once again disgusting! The lakes were so full of weeds and moss it was impossible to launch my boat, even trying with the trolling motor, and as a last resort, oars.

My question to you people today is, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS PITIFULSITUATION? Is it the wildlife commission, or is it the Division of Wildlife Administrator? For years now, no one in the Division of Wildlife Administration seems to listen to us, the concerned sportsmen!

Myself, like so many sportsmen, are taking our money and famie delies to Utah where, for facilities will continue to decline.

I am requesting that my remarks be reflected in the minutes of this meeting. Thank you for your time.


Good morning, Commission members. My name is Carl Ray Harris and I’m pleased to have the opportunity to speak here today. I'm very upset with the Nevada Division of Wildlife. I don't know whose idea it was to propose almost doubling the junior hunting license fee but it was a bad one. Is this the way to get our youth involved in hunting by pricing them out of the sport before they ever get started? Currently we already have some of the highest hunting license fees and the Department of Wildlife wants more increases. How can you justify these increases when most game numbers are at an all-time low.

I don't claim to be a biologist or a game expert but I do know what I see and what I don't see. What I don't see » the game that we used to have in this state. Hunters used to harvest over 30,000 deer in our state. Indications from last deer season are that the harvest will be around 7000. Who is responsible for this? Certainly not the hunters because Nevada Division of Wildlife along with the Wildlife Commission sets seasons and quotas which hunters must adhere to.

Someone has to take the blame for the current condition of our fish and game problems. If the administrator is doing such a good job as you have been claiming for years, then apparently the blame lies with someone eke. The fault must he with the Wildlife Commission's inability to perform their duties. I mean no disrespect but surely the governor does not appoint the commissioners because of their wealth of outdoor knowledge or we would not be in this shape.

Today you are asking for public input. There has been public input for many years. But the Wildlife Commission and the administrator of the Division of Wildlife have refused to listen to recommendations from sportsmen. If it is not your way, nothing suggested will ever get implemented. I do have a valid suggestion. Move over and let someone eke take over. What yon are current^ doing is certainly not working. I hope my comments will be taken seriously and ask that they will be included in the record of this meeting.

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