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Sportsmen Speak! Summer 2000

Written by Hunters Alert
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We have had literally thousands of comments from sportsmen, mainly on predator control. Remember the two thousand comments sent to the Wildlife commissioners? These comments fell on the deaf ears of Bob Miller s Wildlife Commission. We only have eleven more months left of their do nothing about predator philosophy. Rest assured Kenny Guinn s appointments will listen when sportsmen speak.

Keep it up til half the lions are gone, 50% of coyotes, 75% of crows and ravens, and hunting is good again. D.V., Las Vegas

Good job, Cecil-Keep up the great work., R.R., Las Vegas

Go for it R.S., Ely

Is the new administration doing anything to help the game situation, or is it more of the same? R.R., Fallen

Keep up the good work. We will win. D.T., Elko

I have and will continue to support

HUNTER S ALERT T.C., N. Las Vegas Keep up the good work. D.E., Battle Mtn. Good job. R.B., Las Vegas Thanks! G.S., Las Vegas I like your philosophy. R.M., Elko

Agree on predator control. Predators severely reduce both deer and antelope fawn survival. Don t hit too hard on BLM. 99 fire effort was very good. More cooperation by all elements will benefit hunters. J.P., Reno

Missed the banquet. Good Luck! H.H., Boulder City

HUNTER S ALERT is as important to Nevada hunters as the NRA is to the 2nd Amendment. Keep up the good work. E.R., Pahrump

Give them hell J.W., Las Vegas Keep up the good work. C.C., Las Vegas

I’m thinking about booking with Charlie Leeder every year to shoot a mountain lion for predator control and (to piss off the emotionalists). I owe it to the deer herds. My only wish (a big torn to nail a liberal jogger a week) to crop the herd! J.H., Las Vegas

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