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Written by Cecil Fredi
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We have had many, many people inquire whether HUNTER'S ALERT has actually asked Governor Miller for Willie Molini's resignation. The answer is yes. Back in December, 1990. But guess what, readers. Governor Miller never replied!

Dear Governor Miller: How long must the sportsmen of Nevada endure the incompetence of the Department of Wildlife director, Will Molini?

Enclosed is a recent article pertaining to irregularities in the Department of Wildlife. This is certainly not the first time this has been brought to public attention. The official Audit Reports of 1984 and 1985 conducted by the Legislative Auditor found serious problems within the Department of Wildlife. Many of these problems still have not been corrected. The latest audit shows that Will Molini's testimony to the Legislative Audit Subcommittee was not "consistent". (27.10) He told the subcommittee that the (LISA) system was working when in fact it was not.

Under Will Molini's direction there have been major discrepancies in the Audit Reports of 1984 and 1985, the Performance Audit of the LISA system in 1990, and the Game Draw Procedure Review of 1990. There is no way Mr. Molini's poor work performance would stand up to scrutiny in the private sector. Not only has he failed miserably in his job performance but his ethics must also be questioned.

He refused to prosecute in a timely fashion members of the Wildlife Commission because some of them were his friends. The "Great Sheep Giveaway" in Texas is certainly suspect. Two shipments of our Desert Bighorn were given to a private ranch in Texas. Mr. Molini supposedly attended a conference (while on a hunting trip) in Texas but his expense account for that month disappeared.

Mr. Molini has had the unbelievable "luck" to draw most of the major big game tags in a seven year period. Of course, he had no success in drawing these tags until he became Director. One of those tags was the only Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep tag allotted in that area that year and the last tag to be awarded before the area became the Great Basin National Park.

I have just scratched the surface of the work record and ethics of an individual whose performance should certainly be reviewed. His ineptness in running the Department of Wildlife has been costly to the state. His credibility is certainly questioned by a majority of informed sportsmen.

Hopefully, I will receive a response from your office which does not include the standard statement that Mr. Molini's conduct has been reviewed and has been found to be above reproach when the Performance audits and reviews have indicated otherwise.

Very truly yours,

Cecil Fredi cc. Ron Cook Brad Goetting

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