2007 Bill Updates


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As our state continues to grow, there is a very good possibility that many Nevada residents will never draw a sheep tag in their lifetime. That’s a very discouraging thought to many Nevada hunters. This sad fact is a simple matter of supply and demand.

Last year, your chance of drawing a desert bighorn sheep tag was 48 to 1. A California bighorn sheep tag was 137 to 1. A Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep tag was 829 to 1. In other words, theoretically if you apply for a Rocky Mountain sheep tag you would be successful one time in 829 years.

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Mountain Lion to become a predator again after 42 years!

NDOW to become a Fish & Game agency and not it's own self regulating Dept.

All Nevada hunter/sportsmen,cattlemen,ranchers and woolgrowers now have a bill AB-259 that is solidly in everyones best interest for the future of this state, thanks to Assemblyman Jerry Claborn.

Today was the bills 1st reading.     Lets all give him our "solid" support.


Find information and post your support of the bill here:

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