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Resolution From the State of Oklahoma

Written by Cecil Fredi
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I have attached a resolution from the state of Oklahoma. It is another state which has had it with the US Fish & Wildlife Service. (US F&WS) They realize how the feds are controlling all state fish and game agencies. For years, the antis have been extorting US F&WS. Here are the basics. The antis can't stand the fact that sportsmen have millions of dollars derived from Pittman-Robertson and Dingle-Johnson funds. They have put the pressure on the US F& WS to fund many non-game projects such as Teaming with Wildlife, Conservation and Reinvestment Act, and currently, State Wildlife Grants. They have put it to the feds like this, If you don't fund non-game (with sportsmen's money) we will find some of these species close to being endangered and take you to court. Extortion? Of course, for them it is easier to give away sportsmen's money than to fight legal battles in court. In addition to funding, they want big predators, bears, lions and wolves protected. This will eliminate the need for hunting as the predators will eliminate most of the game. This is what is happening in Nevada with our mule deer. To prove this, why do you think the last three directors refused to do anything about mountain lions? Why do you think Ken Mayer, along with NDOW is fighting Jerry Claborn's proposal to kill more lions? For more proof, how many non-game people were employed in NDOW ten years ago and how many are there today? If you guys want to make a difference and take back NDOW, you must make hunting and fishing state rights. This must be done without the fear of the US F& WS withholding funds because they agreed to the anti-hunting organizations' demands. Here is your chance to make a real difference.


Read the Resolution - PDF 12 kB

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