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Clint Bentley, Chairman

Board of Wildlife Commissioners

State of Nevada

1100 Valley Rd.

Reno, Nevada  89502


Dear Mr. Bentley:


I am requesting a written response to the letter you sent to Steve Thompson on September 21, 2007 pertaining to the Desert National Wildlife Refuge (DNWR). The loss of our desert bighorn sheep in this area was brought to light 19 years ago by HUNTER’S ALERT. Why did it take the Wildlife Commission or NDOW so long to act?


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Dear HUNTER'S ALERT member:

Now that the 1995 session of the Nevada legislature is behind us we have time to reflect on all that has been accomplished during the past year due to your steadfast support. We had an overwhelmingly successful election cycle in which we worked hard to support and recruit candidates who understand and support our cause. Our success rate in getting these candidates elected speaks for itself.

Once we got to Carson City we introduced A.B.307. We were overwhelmed by the tremendous support we received among legislators. A.B.307 passed the assembly 40-2 and received similar support in the senate. While we were very disappointed that the bill ultimately had to be amended to prevent the governor's veto, we feel strongly that A.B.307 has laid the groundwork for tremendous success in future legislative sessions as well as having had an immediate impact by increasing your representation on the Wildlife Commission.

The time has come for us to build on the successes of the past year. HUNTER'S ALERT is recognized and respected among legislators who will look for our input on wildlife issues. This newsletter outlines the session. Please take the time to read it and to write to your legislators and express your thanks for all they did on our behalf. Most legislators really went the extra mile to protect the sport you love.

We look forward to your continued support. With your involvement HUNTER'S ALERT will continue to be a major influence for good in Nevada outdoor sports for years to come.


Warren B. Hardy II

Government Affairs

'94 May 31


Written by Cecil Fredi
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We have had many, many people inquire whether HUNTER'S ALERT has actually asked Governor Miller for Willie Molini's resignation. The answer is yes. Back in December, 1990. But guess what, readers. Governor Miller never replied!

Dear Governor Miller: How long must the sportsmen of Nevada endure the incompetence of the Department of Wildlife director, Will Molini?

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This is a letter written as a Follow-Up to the May 13th Wildlife Commission Meeting. No response has been received from NDOW, the Wildlife Commission, or the Attorney General's office.

May 26, 2006


Chris Mackenzie

402 N. Division

Carson City, Nevada 89703


Dear Chairman Mackenzie:


At the May 13 Wildlife Commission meeting, I testified that the mountain lion was never legally and lawfully made a big game animal by your state agencies. I am requesting written proof of evidence you have that may prove otherwise. If you cannot obtain any evidence that the mountain lion was ever legally made a big game animal, then you will notify the public immediately that it is an unprotected predator and end this 41 year cover-up…now!


I expect an answer within thirty (30) days on this matter.






Bud Sonnentag

PO Box 72

Gabbs, NV 89409

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