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What could be crazier than giving one's complete trust to a governmental entity?

I can't believe I used to do just that. I actually believed that is I was a good sportsman, a law abiding sportsman, a hunter and fisherman who abided by all the written laws and followed the ethical guidelines

Sportsmen have a right

the system that belongs to all of us who hunt and fish from those who don't care.

Never, ever, can we stop pressur­ing government to do the right thing. We cannot back down, for together sportsmen in this State have a huge block of voting power. We must channel this power to help make this a better State for sports­men and wildlife.

passed on to me by my parents; that if I willingly bought hunting and fishing licenses, game tags, duck and trout stamps, and committed my time, energy, skills, and person­al equipment to benefit wildlife habitat that the state of Nevada would reward me and those like me by dealing with me and my fellow sportsmen in an open and forth­right fashion.

Year after year I attended local game board meetings. Year after year I went to meetings conducted by the State of Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners. Year after year I saw my participation and that of my fellow sportsmen in the process ignored when the final deci­sions were made.

Finally, through insights provid­ed by experiences in the working world, by networking with other sportsmen, thru talks with my local game board representatives and some members of the Board of

Commissioners I began to under­stand the process which really gov­erns the decisions made by the State of Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners.

I learned that political appointees assigned the task of establishing policy for a state agency such as the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) are accountable to those special interest groups which have the power to get a Governor elected. I learned that the Director of the NDOW keeps his job only is he is politically correct with the currently politically powerful.

I learned that votes on matters of policy taken up in public forums have already been pre-determined and strategies to implement them pre-planned. I learned that public hearings are just an exercise required by law. These hearings take place not to achieve the bene­fits derived from testimony by concerned publics, but rather to give the appearance that they are seek­ing public input before making their decisions.

In the past year many sportsmen throughout the state have begun to seriously question NDOW's opera­tions. They have begun to demand answers to questions concerning procedures involving the drawing for big game tags, and how and where their money is being spent. Criticism of NDOW and the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners has increased. Concerns over agree­ments engineered in private have surfaced. Now a conspiracy to dis­credit the idea of conspiracies has been launched,.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine that the conspiracy theory is valid when columnists with connections at NDOW, politi­cal appointees to the Commission to

oversee the activities of NDOW, some members of the local Game Board, and several organization with vested interest in the current policies at NDOW simultaneously start writing articles, making phone calls, and openly eliciting support for NDOW and the Director of the Department while ridiculing theo­ries that NDOW's leadership is con­spiratorial.

Keep this in mind the next time two, three or four editorials or arti­cles appear simultaneously in sever­al newspapers and on the TV, or when the leadership of several orga­nizations all of the sudden takes an interest in presenting awards to an individual or state agency which is undergoing critical scrutiny.

How do you describe someone who is insufficiently suspicious or someone who is willing to defend the obviously indefensible action?

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