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HUNTER'S ALERT has no love for Governor Bob Miller, alias "BASKETBALL BOB." It started when Governor Miller was "hand­ed" the governorship. There were some appointments due on the Wildlife Commission and some of the largest outdoor groups in the state met with him to insure quali­fied sportsmen received these posi­tions. He could have cared less about the sportsman. He was more concerned about getting elected gov­ernor. Look who he appointed,

Mahlon Brown, politician, former judge, federal prosecuting attorney, unsuccessful candidate for attorney general. Bill Prezant, politician, ran Frankie Del Papa's campaign, Kathy Giovenco, whose husband made the second largest political donation of $50,000 (through the Hilton Corporation) to Miller's gubernatorial campaign.

After Governor Miller was elect-: ed, department heads started to

roll. HUNTER'S ALERT and other sportsmen's organizations ques­tioned why he did not replace Nevada Department of Wildlife Director Will Molini. There were serious questions regarding his ethics and he failed three state audits. More than forty letters and faxes were sent to Miller without one reply to any sportsman. When the HUNTER'S ALERT Carson City representative was told about this, he said, "Every time I go over there (to the capital), Governor Miller is out back shooting hoops," thus the name "BASKETBALL BOB."

But it doesn't end there. Last June some more appointments for the Wildlife Commission were due. HUNTER'S ALERT circulated petitions and gathered over 200 signa­tures to appoint qualified Nevada

sportsmen to the Wildlife Commission. They met with the Governor's office in Las Vegas with petitions in hand and resumes of many qualified sportsmen for these positions. BASKETBALL BOB reappointed the same ones!

The sportsmen have two more years of Bob's reign of terror along with his appointments. We can only hope to minimize the damage they will do during this time.

We just hope BASKETBALL BOB runs in 1994. We have docu­mented all this information so that we may alert all the sportsmen in the state on his lack of interest in their cause. We want every sports­man in the state to know how he feels. As one sportsman commented, "Hunters are among many large groups who have expressed dissatis­faction with his performance."

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