Tuesday, 31 December 1991 17:00


Written by Donald M. Mosley
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HUNTER'S ALERT would like to thank all of you for becoming mem­bers. Your support will make hunt­ing and fishing better in our state. We apologize for not getting our newsletter out sooner but we have been fighting for your hunting and fishing rights in the meantime.

It is apparent from the hundreds of comments and replies we have received that there is a need for an organization such as HUNTER'S ALERT. Because the need has been demonstrated, we feel confident to proceed with developing a board of directors and a set of bylaws. We urge your support and your active participation in this process in order to obtain our goal of improving hunting and fishing opportunities in the state of Nevada.

We made many trips to the 1991 Nevada Legislature fighting for hunting and fishing issues. We were at the State Legislative Commission Interim Study Committee meeting in October at Las Vegas and the one at Reno in December. We have argued against giving our sheep away to Texas at both the County Advisory Board meeting and the Wildlife Commission meeting. We have attended the meetings of the BLM, the federal agency which has the capability of closing down hunt­ing and shooting in the Spring Mountain Range and we were there to voice our opposition to Sara Brady and her anti-gun position.

HUNTER'S ALERT is working on a restructuring of the Wildlife Commission. HUNTER'S ALERT is attempting to keep hunting and fishing license fees down, to estab­lish a serious predator control pro­gram, and fight all future wilderness. We are currently trying to get an honest investigation of the sheep massacre. We have other investigations going on to alert you about game mismanagement in our state. With your support, we have made a difference, and we hope to continue to do so for the benefit of all Nevada hunters and fishermen.

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