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From July, 1989 to June, 1991, Nevada Department of Wildlife con-)ducted a survey of sage grouse pro­duction and mortality. Fourteen hundred eggs were placed in two hundred simulated sage grouse nests with seven eggs per nest. This was during the 15 day period when sage hens lay their eggs.

The results of this survey are unbelievable. At the completion of the 15 day period, all fourteen hun-

dred eggs were destroyed (100%) on both study areas. Ravens were believed to be the chief nest preda­tor.

During this last legislative ses­sion, a bill was introduced to do some control with aircraft. Nevada Department of Wildlife did not show up to testify with their own survey. After being requested by a legisla­tor, Nevada Department of Wildlife chose not to testify in support of

raven control.

Guess who did show up—the anti's who did not want any ravens killed. Like it or not, the sportsmen of Nevada must get involved in poli­tics. If you would like a copy of the sage grouse study, write Nevada Department of Wildlife and request a copy of PROJECT W-48-4-21 STUDY XVII JOB 1.

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