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Written by Donald M. Mosley
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"Use it or loose it" could well be the rallying cry today as sportsmen and outdoorsmen struggle to main­tain a time honored recreation and traditional way of life. Today, more than ever the shrinking open areas where hunting and fishing were once the primary activities, are being divided among a host of users and priorities.

As the East moves to the West the pressure such increases in popu­lation brings and the demand for "diverse" use of land becomes apparent. Pursuits, such as trail biking, bird watching, hiking, nature study and concerns about endangered non-game species, tor­toise preservation, and the mainte­nance of only indigenous plant and animal life, are being given serious attention. Those in charge of man­agement of our wilderness areas are relentlessly lobbied by organizations representing these and other special interests, seeking to have practical access of vast areas closed to hunters and fishermen. Similarly, the legislative branch of govern­ment on the Federal, State and County levels are being besieged with requests to set aside this area or that or to restrict, regulate, or prohibit one activity or another, most of which having the net result of further limiting hunting, fishing, shooting, or other more traditional uses of the land. Unfortunately, while this insidious process contin­ues, the largest and least vocal

group, the sportsmen, scarcely notice. Poorly organized and ill-informed, we offer only token resis­tance as the geographic area need­ed for our sport is chipped away. The battle to maintain access to the land is further frustrated by the fact that the sports themselves, are today, subject of controversy. Hunting, fishing and the shooting sports, (private gun ownership) is under attach. So-called animal rights groups as well as well mean­ing, but unfortunately misguided gun control advocates would have these activities relegated to a mere footnote in the history of the West.

The challenge therefore is that of establishing the outdoor sports that we cherish as contemporary viable activities deserving of recognition and preservation. A resounding and unified voice calling for a halt to the seemingly never ending effort to abolish the historical uses of the land, must be immediately heard An alliance should exist among such groups and individuals as the vari­ous hunting and fishing organiza­tions and related gun, ammunition, and tackle manufacturers and dis­tributors of off-road vehicles (4-wheel drive, snowmobiles, and motorcycles), the motorboat indus­try, motor home manufacturers; the gem hunters, rock hounds and trea­sure hunter's organizations; the off-road racing associations and jeep clubs; the livestock industry; and Seniors who enjoy camping and sightseeing as well as the handi­capped. All of those who would be disfranchised by the continuing process of restricting access to our public lands.

Every reader of this publication, whether or not you fit into one or more of the categories above, should make your voice heard if you believe, as I do, that being "Locked Out" of areas, which are your birthright to enjoy, is unfair and unjustified. I strongly urge you join HUNTER'S ALERT, an organiza­tion which can make a difference.

Written for Hunter's Alert by Judge Donald M. Mosley

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