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In the past few years, HUNTER'S ALERT has had many occasions to see our Nevada Department of Wildlife Director Will Molini appear at fiscal and leg­islative meetings. It always puzzled us why he was sitting with (and being supported by) anti-hunting groups like the Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, and Wildlife Federation. We couldn't understand this since it is the hunters and fish­ermen in this state who produce 97% of his Department's funding. During these meetings he complete­ly ignored the wants and concerns of the sportsmen of our state and much praise was continually heaped on him by the anti-hunting groups.

As we witnessed this over and over, we began to ask ourselves WHY? Why would someone bite the hand that feeds him? We then decid­ed to put ourselves in his shoes and the chilling facts finally became clear to us. Mr. Molini couldn't care less about the sportsmen in this state because no matter what he does, hunters will continue to hunt and fishermen will continue to fish. Because of this, it insures that his department will always have the necessary funding.

As a hunter, you may not apply for a big game tag (for various rea­sons). But there will be someone to take your place as big game hunts are oversubscribed. The director doesn't have to cater to sportsmen to receive their funding because the demand for tags is greater than tags available.

But why does he choose to associ­ate with the anti-hunting groups? Because these groups are well-orga­nized, well-funded, and have politi­cal clout. Now, we ask you, are the hunters in our state well-organized? Well-funded? Do they have any political clout? Now Mr. Molini's motivation for aligning himself with the antis and abandoning the hunters becomes crystal clear. Remember, this is the person who is in charge of your hunting and fish­ing programs, sitting with anti-hunting groups. Until the sportsmen in our state unite or a new Nevada Department of Wildlife Director is appointed, it will always be this way.

If you were in the Director's shoes, who would you choose?

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