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In keeping with his usual style of more government restrictions, Jim Bilbray co-sponsored HR1354 which will make it a felony to trap animals in the United States. This should not come as a surprise to anyone because Mr. Bilbray has stated he is a strong supporter of animal rights issues. Perhaps if Mr. Bilbray would talk to the ranchers in his own state, he would learn something about the outdoors. He would learn there are more predators than ever and they must kill to survive. Mr. Bilbray needs to see with his own eyes a fawn deer or antelope being killed by a pack of coyotes. Where are the rights of that baby animal being eaten alive by a bunch of varmints, Mr. Bilbray? A trapper's bullet is certainly more humane than being eaten alive, wouldn't you say, Mr. Bilbray?

Just maybe, if you talked to peo­ple in the rural counties of our state, you would understand the need and importance of trapping. To let nature take its course is not the best course in this situation.

In addition to being against trap­ping, our congressman testified at the Agriculture Committee against having rodeos. Mr. Bilbray did this even though he is not a member of the committee.

If all this is not enough, Mr. Bilbray is a champion at taking away federal lands from multiple use. In 1989, he was instrumental in seeing that Nevada had 733,400 acres of Forest Service wilderness. \11 this land has been lost forever to multiple use. He wanted to punish Southern Nevadans a little more by

making the Spring Mountain Range a National Recreation Area. This also places restrictions on land use and will make it easier to convert to wilderness.

Mr. Bilbray would be the first one to tell you that he doesn't strongly oppose gun control mea­sures. But he has and will continue

to take away your land so that you won't need your guns.

These are certainly measures we would expect from one of those Eastern politicians, but would you believe anyone could do this to their own Western state? Well, believe this ... more of Mr. Bilbray means more government restrictions!

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