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Newell, "Newt" Bundy has been a cowboy all his Me. Most of this fife has been spent in Nevada and Southern Utah. With so much time spent outdoors, Newt has seen the changes. Here are excerpts from his testimony given about the desert tortoise.

"If the turtle people realty wanted to protect the turtles, they'd be controlling the predators. Crows and coyotes are awful hard on turtles. Whenever there's a good year and there's a lot of new turtles around, the coyotes just go along picking the young ones up one after another. And when coyotes get hungry, on years when there isn't a lot around for them to eat, they eat the big turtles too. They just turn the turtles over on their backs and pull their back legs off and let the crows have the rest"

"The BLM, The Fish and Game, none of them tell the truth. All they want is to build budgets and make more jobs for themselves. They just want more control. They want the cattle off, and they want most of the other uses off too."

They say they're trying to protect the wildlife, but if we don’t get to controlling the predators pretty soon, there isn’t going to be but very little wildlife left. The other day, Thad Stewart treed three big lions in one tree. These weren't a mother with a couple of kittens either. These were big lions, old lions, the kind that normally don't run together. Milt said, that in all his yean of living in this country, he has never seen so many lions as there are

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