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SPORTSMEN SPEAK!!! Summer 1996

Written by Hunters Alert
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Can thousands of sportsmen in our state be wrong about the Nevada Division of Wildlife? HUNTER'S ALERT doesn't think so. Below are a few of the comments we have received since our last newsletter.

"Get rid of Willie Molini and Governor Miller." F.A., Reno

"I'd like to help. Give me some suggestions." R.R., Fallon

"Keep up the good work. But numbers and stats? Lions killed 166,000. Hunters killed 7000. Are you sure there are that many deer in Nevada?" G.P., Overton

"Who should we vote for in November?" A.P., Winnemucca

"Your efforts to reduce mountain lion population are appreciated, as I share your views on predator control. Wolf and grizzly bear plants in the north amount to the same insensibility of Federal Fish & Game." D.V., Las Vegas

"You're doing a good job." T.T., Fallon

"Please keep up the good work. Your last (this) issue was "right on" the mark." R.M., Elko

"Keep up the good work." P.B.. Las Vegas

"Thanks, Cecil and guys and gals for all your efforts. If we don't win—the animals will lose. (Too many idiots and liberals) (The ship is sinking, guys) The country is going "soft". Thanks for keeping up the fight." J.H., Las Vegas

"We need a list of pro-hunting candidates for next fall's state elections." K.M., Las Vegas

"Keep up the good work." M.S., Laughlin

"No deer tag in 1995. Hunted six full days in 1994 and sighted no deer but lots of wild horses. The hunting situation in Nevada has become a disgrace." N.S., Zephyr Cove

"Keep fighting." R.Q., Ruby Valley

"Keep up the good work." L.H., Kingman, AZ

"The Commission needs to put more weight on what the local boards recommend. We need to get more youths involved in hunting which was what our local board tried to do by proposing a youth only Lovelock Valley hunt which all farmers agreed to. The local board presented to Commission. They said NO!" J.J., Lovelock

"Enclosed find my check to assist you in mailing out more good data to our sportsmen" M.S., Laughlin

"The winter newsletter was excellent!" P.P., Las Vegas

"We have to get things changed and I hope to get rid of Molini. These guys are legalized crooks!!! F.A., Reno

"Keep up the good work. Are you planning another banquet in Elko? We enjoyed the one you had there." D.T., Carlin

"Get the deer tag draw system changed. No tag this year. First to draw tag next year, (not numbers). I do not have time to wait 4 years between tags." R.K., Fallon

"Keep up the good work. Look forward to every issue." J.M., Carson City

"Keep up the good work. I heard on 4-22-96 on KHWK that NDOW wants to up the deer quota 7000." E.M., Tonopah

"Keep up the Molini hacking." D.R., N. Las Vegas

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