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You would think that the Nevada Division of Wildlife would have learned through their past favoritism of NDOW employees or relatives. It was because of this kind of favoritism that our legislators saw fit to pass a demerit system during the last session. The demerit system insures that all fish and game violators are treated equally when they are cited. This latest piece of NDOW favoritism was a pure and simple backdoor attempt to give an NDOW employee an edge on his sheep hunt.

On September 3, a special Wildlife Commission meeting was held. This was not a regular scheduled meeting. In fact it was a conference call meeting. The meeting was held in Reno and by law the meeting must be posted indicating time and date. NDOW chose to post the meeting in Fallen, Elko, and Las Vegas. This reeks of not wanting any public input at the meeting. Because of what they were attempting to do, you can understand why they would not want any public input. An NDOW employee, Shawn Espinosa, drew a sheep tag for Area 102. There had been a loss of sheep in this area so the Commission held a special meeting with the goal of giving the NDOW employee the privilege of hunting another area that has never been hunted before. There was not a total dieoff in his area. In fact, at the meeting it was stated that there were still sheep in the area.

Chairman Brown, in his opening remarks, made the following statements. "Subsequent to the drawing of the tag, we have learned that there is a possible dieoff in Management Unit #101 "...We have never done this before. This will be a

precedent setting event should we move because we closed one hunting area off and open up a new hunting area . We would be setting precedent, and it is proposed that we would only do this one time. This is not something that would go down in the books forever. Other than the action of doing it over time would set precedent." (Translated, this is favoritism.)

HOLD ON, MR. BROWN! You did know about it. At the May 4 Wildlife Commission meeting Dr. Gerry Lent told you about the problems not only with the sheep but the goats. And Dr. Lent got his information from an NDOW biologist months prior. In addition, Greg Tanner, chief of Big Game stated, "The first indication that we had a problem was the fall of 1995 when we had some citizens' report of some mortalities that were discovered."

HUNTER'S ALERT knows many people who drew an elk tag but when the season opened there were no elk in the area. Dr. Lent testified that four years ago in the Sheep Mountain Range there were no legal rams. He and three others did not fill their tags. Was a special Wildlife Commission meeting held for these people? Absolutely not! But then, they were not NDOW employees. When there was a major dieoff of sheep in the Mormon Mountains a few years ago, there were many tag holders who did not get the privilege of hunting in another area. Commissioner Don Cavin commented, "We don't change regulations for five or six people, but we do for one?"

Fortunately, Dr. Gerry Lent from

Nevada Hunters Association and Fred Church were there to provide public comment even though it appeared that they did not want any comment due to the unusual posting circumstances. Who voted in favor of this tag area switch fiasco? Chairman Brown and commissioners Bradley and Matorian. (Who had the good sense to defeat this unprecedented tag switch: Cavin, Frade, Jickling, and Spratling. Ah, yes. It does stink when it comes to NDOW playing favorites again!

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