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At the May 4, 1996 Wildlife Commission meeting, two thousand sportsmen had written to Commissioner Cavin about their concerns regarding the mountain lion. Commissioner Cavin could not have represented the sportsmen any better. But as usual, the other Wildlife Commissioners did not listen to sportsmen's concerns. Here were Commissioner Gavin's comments. "But the 1945 post cards and 5 letters all say we've got to do something to reduce the mountain lions in the state of Nevada. And I think basically- -the big thing they're concerned with is the cost and it went everything in the reduction from bounties to trapping. The big thing is they want to drastically reduce the mountain lion population right now and they didn't much care how we did it. They also wanted to do it now. They want to see some action right now...they don't want to wait five years to get something done about it. It's kind of like the Desert Range now where the lion problem is a problem and we have known about it and we haven't done anything about it. That's then big concern...! might say that—I will say that the majority of them are unhappy as the devil about the Division and the Commission and the mountain lion situation the way it is today concerning the deer harvest. The number one problem is start doing something now. Don't wail till he five year plan to go into effect. We'd like to see some action right now." The post card sent jointly by HUNTER'S ALERT and Safari Club International Desert Chapter said: Dear Mr. Cavin: "Deer hunting is going downhill and I believe the mountain lions are the main reason. I want something done to reduce the number of mountain lions in our state. My Comments:

Below is just a sampling of some of the 1945 comments:

'I feel that "mismanagement of our deer herds by NDOW has been responsible for my (and my family) being unable to obtain a deer tag since 1991. This includes both mountain lion mismanagement and the new "point" system." G.O., Fallen

"Yes—let's reduce the lion population and lets change management at N.D.O.W." C.A., Elko

"I am so tired of game mismanagement. It appears the game is managed and tags allocated based upon revenue to operate NDOW. Keep up the mismanagement and revenues by increasing the mountain lion tags. Disappointed in you! D.P., Elko

"For the last 15 years I have applied for an elk tag with no success. For the past 3 years I have also applied for a deer tag, again with no success. I no longer will put in an application for either. The Nevada Department of Wildlife are not concerned with any thing but endangered species. Where did the $200,000 over budget money go? Reduction of mountain lions is a must if there is to be a better deer harvest for hunters. B.B., Elko

"I agree with you 100%. I also believe there are more than just the lions that need to be thinned out. J.S., Sun Valley

"I will never believe our deer herds are down due to bad winters, etc. The problem is too many mountain lions and coyotes. Lets keep a season year round for mountain lions and our deer herds will come back, plus revenues will help better management for all concerned. Something should be done as soon as possible. Thanks for listening. S.H., Crescent Valley

"If NDOW keeps their heads in the sand we can kiss deer hunting goodbye for good. Last year I did not see one fawn in nine days of hunting and saw at least twenty five coyotes." W.B., Winnemucca "The control of the NDOW should be returned to the people who spend their money on tags and equipment to hunt and fish. If the non-game proponents want a say in how the NDOW is managed, they should put their money where their mouths are." D.W., Elko

"Get rid of Molini, Reestablish a Dept. of Fish and Game." S.S., Las Vegas "I would like to see NDOW do a major predator control. Mahlon Brown needs to he replaced He will not listen to !hc hunter. He wants it his way and only his way! He is not God." H.C., Las Vegan "The rise of the mountain lion population has grown drastically in the last few years and if something is not done soon, hunting for deer for myself, my sons and grandchildren will be obsolete! Once they override all of the deer, what next? They come into our valleys and attack people and already have attacked some livestock. Help the hunters!" L.R., Moapa "It's about time someone takes the initiative to do something about our deer population. Being on the decrease as it is, I know the lion population is a major factor in this reduction. Last year hunting in the Ruby Mts., I've seen lions and their work." C.N., Pahrump

"As soon as possible, they should be on the predator list. You don't see that many lions but you would not be fined for killing one. Mr. Brown of the Commission wants non-hunting input. If they paid the bills their input would be fine. I've known rocks that are smarter than Brown." R.Q., Ruby Valley

"Kill the mountain lions. They are nothing but killers. After they kill all the deer, they will then kill the sheep, horses, and cattle. Then our dogs and cats and maybe even some kids. We need to protect and improve our deer herd. Not only for revenues for this state but also I consider deer meat as the finest meat available." W.L, Reno

"As a lifelong Nevadan I have seen it all and deer hunting going downhill for years. I believe the NDOW needs a complete change and overhaul. Hard to believe the wildlife commission wants more public input. Do we now have a DOW scam with the new "PIW" scheme.(Elko Daily Free Press, Friday, 4-12-96) Time for the legislature to do something with NDOW and its poor money managers." J.P., Elko

"In 1995 was my first tag since 1982. I hunted in an area close to home and saw 9 deer killed by lion and only partly eaten. Also saw enough tracks for about 15 to 20 lions in one small area of about 2 miles, We need to get rid of some lions." T.F., Dayton

"Reduce the total number of mountain lions to 10% of the total deer tags issued. Reduce the number of commissioners to people who care." M.L., Sparks

"In 1995, the hunting was sorry, we didn't see a deer in the Ruby Mts. was supposed to be a good area. We hunt as a family and if the mountain lions aren't controlled, we will not buy hunting licenses any more. I urge all other hunters to boycott the NDOW and not purchase licenses for four years. Maybe they'll get the message." J.M., Gardnerville

"I was unaware of this problem. But something definitely needs to be done to build up and protect the deer herd. I have been hunting in Utah and Colorado because it is so hard to get a tag in Nevada." N.H., Las Vegas

"This is truly a problem that needs to be dealt with. Hunting is our heritage. Please don't allow it to disappear as a result of poor game management." J.E., Gardnerville

"How about the big horn sheep they kill. I question who will be the first Nevada citizen killed by a mountain lion?" R.B., Fallon

"I agree with you. I have been here in Ely 78 years and never seen as many lions as we have at this time. It is past time when the Department of Wildlife gets rid of a big number of cats." B.H., Ely

"Thank God that "basketball Bob" will be gone after this term! Maybe he'll take Molini with him. Those two and a lot more coyotes need to be taken out." R.S., Las Vegas

"I'm a native Nevadan and ex-sheep guide. I saw the Desert Game Range wiped out of its deer and desert bighorn sheep from mountain lions. I've hunted deer all my life. It's a disgrace how lions have ruined our deer herds in our entire state. The disgrace is that Fish and Game didn't control it." M.H., Las Vegas "...In my forty years living in Nevada I have seen the NDOW make some real stupid mistakes and truly believe them to be the reason for less deer." T.F., Henderson

"...It is much more important to me to spend time with my boys deer hunting than the life of a mountain lion. Please strengthen the family by allowing more deer hunting. I want fond memories of time I spent with my sons." M.L., Las Vegas

"Why doesn't the Department of Wildlife management do a better job of balancing the amount of predators that are reducing the number of deer. The predators don't buy hunting licenses that supply the money to the state like hunter^ do." J.P., Las Vegas

"If NDOW doesn't get it together, we will quit buying Nevada licenses and start hunting out of state! It's not just the mountain lions, it's the other predators also. But mainly the mountain lions. We can hunt in Utah, Idaho, Montana and New Mexico a lot easier than going thru the BS of not getting a Nevada license." S.A., Carlin

"During last hunting season on Harrison Pass, Area 10,1 found 5 deer lion kills and 2 sheep kills. I have hunted 10 for years and only found one. I believe they are getting to be danger not only to deer but the public camping and hikers in the forest and back country." J.R., Elko

"Predators, mainly mt. lion and coyotes kill a great many deer and should be a consideration in a deer management program. I am a retired district supervisor with over 30 years with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife and USDA Animal Damage Control. The Department of Wildlife is making a big mistake by not letting the public know. I am claimed to be biased because of my years with ADC. When coyote control was conducted on public lands for the protection of livestock it also benefitted deer." G.B., Gardnerville "I am in favor of reducing mountain lion numbers. I personally do a lot of hiking and within the last few years have noticed a lot more sign of increased mountain lion activity. Also believe other predators are making tremendous impact on all game and non-game species." GM, Elko

HUNTER'S ALERT will continue to run sportsmen's comments about the mountain lion in future issues. It will show the Wildlife commissioners as usual, did not listen to sportsmen's concerns.

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