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Good-Bye Molini!

Written by Gerald Lent
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As president of the Nevada Hunters Association, I am compelled to respond to William Molini's obviously rehearsed interview in the Jan/Feb 1998 interdepartmental news bulletin. "The Wild Side."

Molini's constant blaming of others for his failures has become quite boring. His lack of leadership abilities has brought this Wildlife division down to its knees. Mr. Molini would rather blame the messenger than acknowledge the problem. Let me give you some examples:

1. Molini claimed we had a fantastic big game draw system above reproach yet the legislature, in its wisdom, because of a very poor state audit result, took that drawing away from him. The auditors even said there were indications of ABUSE and ILLEGAL ACTS!

2. Molini gave our precious Desert Sheep to Texas and accepted a personal invitation for a Whitetail deer hunt in Texas. Let us not forget his numerous lies that the sheep were going into public land but indeed went onto private land for the benefit of the landowners.

3. In 1989 the taxpayers ( or was it the hunters?) had to cough up $291,000 because of Molini's sexual discrimination of his own employees. And most recently in 1998 because of this arrogance of Molini, his unwillingness to settle a lawsuit from one of his own employees for less than $10,000 has cost us $330,000 plus court costs. Now he is appealing this, costing us thousands of more public dollars. He doesn't care! Does anyone wonder why we just don't have any game? Does anyone now wonder why last year we had

one of the lowest deer harvests in the history of the state and that we now have less Desert Sheep in many southern areas and less tags than ten years ago. Folks, we are going backwards!

4. Molini's License Inventory Sales Accounting System (Lisa) was a $300,000 fiasco. The Division of Wildlife did not adequately monitor the cost to develop this system. As a result, the cost of $340,000 was seven times the original estimate of $46,700 and still growing. AND - this system never did do what it was intended to do. This further proves he throws our money away.

5. Molini stated in the interview, he has an ego. He certainly does - by being president of prestigious organizations such as the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and the related International agency - you would have thought he would have brought the best of everything in all these other states, back to Nevada.

He traveled throughout the country at sportsmen's expense but he came back to Nevada with an empty suitcase. We got nothing but his ego.

6. Molini took a state agency with more than a million dollar surplus, doubling its yearly expenditures in a five-year period and creating a need to borrow from the state's general fund to stay afloat. He is constantly being reprimanded by the Legislative money committees for his fiscal irresponsibilities and for exceeding his mandated legislative expenditure authority by thousands of dollars.

7. Molini stated he is the longest tenured western Wildlife director (16 years). The average tenure is just four years. Ever wonder why? Politics is the answer. He certainly has shown his disloyalty to sportsmen and has abandoned Nevada's wildlife. In fact, for years there have been many newspapers, sportsman's groups, agricultural and mining groups, and county commissioners calling for his dismissal.

His tenure is not because of the good job he is doing but because of his political "pull."

Our message to Molini: Nevada Hunters Association feels these things are very important to the sportsmen in the state and obviously you don't. We won't miss you!

Gerald A. Lent President

Editor's Note: Nevada Hunters Association invites sportsmen who are dissatisfied with the way our game is being managed to join our organization. Nevada Hunters Association P.O. Box 50557 RENO, NV 89513

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