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The timing of this announcement enables Governor Miller and Pete Morros to appoint a new administrator before the new governor takes office next January. Let's see, Molini retires in September, the gubernatorial election takes place in November, and the new governor is seated in January. I guess they figured the sportsmen in the state of Nevada aren't smart enough to figure this out. The 3M Destroyers (Miller, Morros. and Molini) were smart enough to realize one thing, that no other governor would put up with Willie Molini's antics. Rest assured. Miller and Morros will appoint a Willie Molini clone to the vacated position.

More good news is that the sportsmen will finally be rid of Governor Miller. It appears that 1999 will be the start of a comeback for game birds and animals in our state. Let's look at the tenure of these two individuals.

Under administrator Willie Molini's guidance, we have lost 70% of our deer herds. We are losing our desert bighorn sheep and our deer license fees are double the western average. Nevada Division of Wildlife has been the subject of numerous lawsuits, some still pending, which have cost the sportsmen hundreds of thousands of dollars. There is no money for new game projects and while this has barely scratched the surface, it can be summed up in one word, mismanagement by Willie Molini.

The legacy that Governor Miller leaves behind for the sportsmen could also be summed up in one word, disastrous. While holding the office of governor, it was so bad that his replacement was destined to be a republican. He was so bad that no democrats wanted to file for the job. History will show that these two individuals were not good for the sportsmen of Nevada.

On December 20, Willie Molini told the Elko Daily Free Press that after his retirement he wants to go hunting. A little advice for Mr. Molini. First, you are no longer in charge of the big game tag draw so drawing a tag is going to be a little tough. Because of your reluctance to do anything about predator control, seven out of ten people who drew a deer tag ten years ago did not draw one last year. For this reason, you are going to have to do like so many other Nevadans, go to another state to do your hunting. However, Willie, if you are one of the fortunate ones who do draw a tag, you will see an abundance of coyotes and plenty of mountain lion tracks. Mr. Molini, you did a good job of leaving plenty of predators behind, predators that eat our game birds and animals. Willie, thanks for the memories, the memories of the good deer hunting we used to have before you implemented your policy of no predator control!

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