Saturday, 28 February 1998 17:00

Sportsmen: Get Lost

Written by Las Vegas Review Journal
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Nevada Department of Wildlife Director Willie Molini announced this week he was ending his long reign of mismanagement next September. That's the good news.

The bad news is things won't get any better as long as the corrupt power brokers currently in office are allowed to pick his successor. That sad fact was made clear this week when Nevada Wildlife Commissioner Merv Matorian quickly dismissed requests from sportsmen's groups to be included in the search for a new director.

Gerry Lent of the Nevada Hunter's Association pleaded, "All sportsmen should have a say in who directs their funds."

But Matorian shot back, "It's not going to happen. Lent wants to stick his nose into everything, but this is a government function."

Matorian's arrogant reply typifies the current administration that has allowed Nevada's hunting opportunities to deteriorate to miserable levels. Now, the politicians are telling sportsmen that the selection of a director for a department totally funded through taxes they pay is none of their business — it's a "government function." ELKO DAILY FREE PRESS Dec. 19

Reprinted from Las Vegas Review-Journal/December 27, 1997

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