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Annual Report from your Wildlife Commissioner

Written by Jack Coons
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July 1, 1998 will mark the first year of my term as wildlife commissioner. This has been an exciting and frustrating year Trying to balance the needs of the commission, department, sportsmen, family and career has been a challenge Hopefully. 1 have not left anyone out and have answered your concerns quickly and honestly I am not even going to try to agree with everyone, but then you probably didn't expect that anyway

The Commission has met nine times in the year, dealing with numerous petitions from sportsmen and the county advisory boards and sportsman's groups. The following are highlighted from memory:

  • 1. Allow scopes on muzzleloaders. '.2. Establishing a crow season.
  • 3. Catch and release fishing for the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout and Bull Trout, two fish in desperate need of help. The Bull Trout has been petitioned to be listed as an endangered species.
  • 4. Modifications to the drawing system for deer, including the squaring of bonus points. Look for this to happen to all species next year.
  • 5. Establishment of a Youth Deer Hunt.
  • 6. Transplanting nuisance geese from Reno to Southern Nevada.
  • 7. Established rules of practice for contested cases before the commission.
  • 8. Established a procedure to pick the administrator's replacement. (Willie Molini).

I have taken on several other projects with sportsman's help.

  • 1. Stream rehabilitation project in Carpenter Canyon.
  • 2. The introduction of Bonneville Cutthroat Trout into Deep Creek.
  • 3. The construction of duck hunting blinds at Key Pittman WMA.

The Carpenter Canyon project is a cooperative venture with Trout Unlimited

and the USFS. The goals are to evaluate the trout population in that stream, close the road to prevent any further habitat loss, identify and address any habitat issues and build a parking area with picnic tables, restrooms and trash cans.

The Deep Creek project will lead to the introduction of Bonneville Cutthroat Trout. This will establish an out of basin population to assist in the recovery effort of this species. I would expect that a limited or zero take fisheries would develop in time. If the issue of Bonnevilles becomes problematic a recreational fishery would be established.

The construction of portable wooden duck blinds at Key Pittman is an idea of mine that I believe will enhance waterfowling opportunities for sportsmen in Southern Nevada. The funds for this project were donated in part by Hunter's Alert and a few close friends whose love of this sport compels them to put something back. We are building at least 4 plywood blinds that will be located on the project for your use on first come first served basis. None of us are advocating the kind of assigned blind system currently in place at the Overton WMA. We are working closely with the area manager on construction and location of these blinds. I encourage all of you to check them out prior to the season. The Division of Wildlife should not be placed in a position of trying to resolve disputes about who should use these blinds. This area is managed (very well) by one hard working individual. He has much better things to do besides settling an argument between hunters.

Contact me if you are interested in helping with these projects or with any other wildlife issue you may have. Home phone: 564-7136 or E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (the best way). I work for the Henderson Fire Department and am not very available there.

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