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This is the year. It could be one of the best years for Nevada sportsmen. All the sportsmen have to do is to get involved because this is an election year. This the year sportsmen clean house. Sportsmen will be rid of their nemeses Bob Miller, administrator Willie Molini. his boss Pete Morros and attorney general Frankie Sue Del Papa. For sure, three of them are going and hopefully. Frankie Sue will join them.

Let's review what these individuals have done to the sportsmen while in office Bob Miller was lieutenant governor when then governor Richard Bryan was elected to the U.S. Senate. The job of governor was then handed over to Bob Miller When Basketball Bob took over, we had 251,326 deer in our state. The 1998 population is 132,590 deer. That's a loss of 48% of our deer. Bob Miller was told by HUNTER'S ALERT early in his tenure about the problems that existed in the Nevada Division of Wildlife. He refused to do anything at all. All Governor Miller did was to appoint wildlife commissioners who donated to his election and reelection and totally supported Willie Molini, an incompetent administrator. This is what Governor Miller condoned from Willie Molini: 1. Numerous lawsuits for sexual discrimination costing the sportsmen hundreds of thousands of dollars. 2. Joking about sexual harassment in an official department bulletin. 3. Failure of numerous state audits. 4. Malfeasance in office. 5. Numerous over-expenditures of authorized state budgets. 6. Use of state vehicles for semi-private use. 7. Taking the Nevada Division of Wildlife with more than $1 million surplus, doubling its expenditures in a five year period and creating a need to borrow from the State's General Fund to stay afloat. 8. Numerous requests from county commissioners, newspapers and many sportsmen's organizations asking for the dismissal of the administrator. 9. Setting up one of NDOW's own employees which will end up costing the sportsmen hundreds of thousands of dollars. 10. Drinking, driving and fighting while on official state business in an official state vehicle. The governor owes the

sportsmen a detailed explanation of why he allowed this to continue for so long without any disciplinary action.

Administrator Molini was a disgrace to the sportsmen who have paid his salary for the last thirty years. He refused to listen or acknowledge that we have a predator problem In doing so we have lost our deer and sheep in record numbers under his guidance. His legislative actions sum up his agenda. He fought against privatization of the big game tag draw In other words, he didn't want a fair tag draw Does this make any sense? As the administrator, would you really want the headache of doing the tag draw9 Of course, if there were a chance to manipulate the draw (as the audits stated) you would not want to give it up. Administrator Molini was against putting two more sportsmen on the Wildlife Commission. He was against all hunting and fishing monies being returned to fish and game programs. The bills that NDOW sponsored under his guidance were for more rules, more regulations and higher fees. They were bills to punish not help the sportsmen.

Attorney general Frankie Sue Del Papa chose to protect rather than prosecute Willie Molini for all of his wayward deeds. You be the judge on these two cases. Shortly after the first load of desert bighorn sheep were sent to Texas, Willie and two wildlife commissioners went to Texas to "check" on the sheep. This is indeed strange because this should have been the job of a biologist. At any rate, the trip was disguised as a sheep check when all along it was a hunting trip. Gee, was this part of the trade?? After all, Nevada did get some turkeys for the sheep. Oh, but the desert bighorn sheep are one of the most coveted trophies in North America and turkeys are found in most states. Sure sounds like a fair trade to us. The Nevada Hunters Association sniffed this farce out and asked Frankie Sue for an investigation. Neither she nor Molini nor the commissioners ever publicly produced receipts that they had paid for their own trip. Gee, we wonder why? Could it be that they didn't have

any receipts? It appears that the sportsmen probably paid for this hunting trip with Frankie Sue's help in covering it up.

The next coverup by Frankie Sue was even more blatant. NDOW was printing, collating and mailing a private organization's newsletter. To do this, they were using state employees, state equipment and sportsmen's money. In addition they had been doing this for years Sportsmen's groups presented this fact to Frankie Sue and she stooped so low as to use the feeble excuse that there was no criminal intent We have demonstrated that Frankie Sue doesn't care how sportsmen's money is being wasted and certainly doesn't deserve to be reelected so that she can continue to protect wayward state employees.

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