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"Cecil, I just wanted to send my support to you and HUNTER'S ALERT. I received the last issue and cannot believe what NDOW is capable of doing to one of their own. I have hunted Key Pittman on several occasions, always successful due in part to Bart Tanner's diligent game management, not to mention courteous manner in the field with hunters. Instead of harassing Bart, they should hire more like him. Keep up your great program and efforts." G.W., Las Vegas

"Would like to see a fair way of drawing a deer tag. Last tag I drew was in 1994. Have been going to Ohio for non-resident of $99. Can get a buck and doe-sad. I'm a Nevada native and have to get out of the state to hunt deer. Maybe when we get a governor instead of a Clinton stoolie, things will change." T.E., Las Vegas

"Keep up the good work." C.C , Las Vegas

"Thanks." K.K., Carson City

"Keep up the pressure." M.M., Elko

"Being a Nevada resident since the age of three, I am now 74. I haven't seen the deer herds so low since the early 30's. Do not underestimate the predator problem. The lions are even running the cattle off Mt. Moriah. Ask the ranchers." DH.,Ely

"My wife and I had doe tags for Area 7 last year. Hunted hard from Oct. 19 to 25. Saw a total of three deer and 18 coyotes. Never fired a shot." J.T., Henderson

"Again, I appreciate the work of HUNTER'S ALERT" R.M , Elko

" HUNTER'S ALERT, just read the spring newsletter and was glad to see where Molini is retiring.... Nevada is the coyote capital of the world and I have seen the coyotes take down several deer myself. ADC (Animal Damage Control) has a big -^rew and spends millions every year but .he coyotes go wild. They are about as effective as NDOW. Anyway we hunt lion or guide and would like to see a year long lion season in Nevada. We do much of our guiding in Arizona because they do have year round lion season. Also we hunt Utah in the spring and early summer because they are also open. Lions have young year round as this is not a problem. The year long season in Arizona has not hurt anything. This would help us in the state of Nevada. If we have to keep going to Arizona to do business, we will probably end up living there. If you have a chance to push for a year long season, hope very much that you do so. If they want to use quotas, they should restart them when the old year ends. See what you can do. You have interest in it. Keep up the good work and good luck." R.H., Lamoille

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