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It is just about as simple as it can be. Take away your land and you lose the opportunity to go hunting. This is exactly what is going to happen if Harry Reid is re-elected to the U.S. Senate. You see. Harry Reid is a wilderness freak. In 1989. Harry Reid was instrumental in assuring that Nevada had 733. 400 acres of Forest Service wilderness crammed down then throats He is not going to stop there

Let's study wilderness. There are four federal agencies that can restrict your land use. They are the Forest Service (FS) Bureau of Land Management (BLM). National Park Service (NFS) and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). Currently, we have 733,400 acres of Forest Service wilderness. Senator Reid is pushing for millions, repeat, millions of acres of JJLM wilderness.

The people supporting wilderness will tell you that you can hunt in a wilderness area and they are correct. But there are many things they will not tell you about wilderness. First and foremost, there is no use of motorized vehicles. This means that all gear must be packed in and out on your back or horses may be utilized. This eliminates 98% of the hunters. In addition, there is no game management. No new species of game bird, fish or animal can be introduced. Man-made projects such as water holes for sheep or guzzlers made for quail have to be removed.

Now let's discuss the 2 or 3% of hunters who utilize horses. Originally, horse owners thought that they would have all those thousands of acres to themselves and no one would bother them. Sure, the problems did not come from the other hunters, but from government law enforcement personnel. Please read Ira Hansen's article on page 3 for some of the horror stories about wilderness. There is a reason for all of this government ^harassment and it is the way wilderness is 'defined. The Federal Wilderness Act defines wilderness as an area of 5,000 acres or more of uninterrupted and non-manipulated environment. Sounds simple but the enforcement officers can interpret

the law any way they see fit. Regulations are not printed in black and white and much is left to the discretion of the law enforcement officer. This has proven to be disastrous.

When HUNTER'S ALERT stated that it is a crisis, we mean it. Following are some excerpts published on the Internet by Marjoric Sill. Federal Lands Coordinator for the Sierra Club's Toiyabe Chapter headquartered in Reno. The BLM has recommended to Congress that 2 million acres be included in the wilderness system. That's not nearly good enough for the Toiyabe Chapter and Friends of Nevada Wilderness. Their citizens' proposal seeks protection for 7 million acres of sheer-walled canyons, alpine lakes and 10,900-foot Mt. Grafton, the highest point on Nevada's BLM lands. They're also working with the Forest

Service to reinventory potential wilderness areas left out of Nevada's 1989 wilderness bill.

"Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) is anxious to introduce a bill to protect BLM lands, but Congress isn't friendly to wilderness right now." says Sill.

Now do you see why we call it a crisis'.' Currently we have 733.400 acres of wilderness in our state. Do you really think the people pushing for more wilderness need more than that for hiking? Wilderness is a pure and simple anti-hunting measure. Take away the land and you have no place to hunt. Now the choice is yours. You can do nothing and lose your land or get Harry Reid out of the U.S. Senate so he cannot be instrumental in having your land turned into wilderness.

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