Wednesday, 30 September 1998 17:00

DON'T vote for Frankie Sue Del Papa for Attorney General

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Frankie Sue Del Papa covered up many of Willie Molini's shady deals with cost the sportsmen lots of money. This money would have been better used to fund wildlife. After Willie Molini gave the first load of sheep to Texas, he and two wildlife commissioners went on a hunting trip to Texas. When Nevada Hunters Association asked Frankie Sue to investigate to see if Willie and the boys had paid for their own hunt, Frankie Sue refused to publicly produce proof that is was not charged to Willie's expense account.

When charges were brought against Willie for printing, collating and mailing a private organization's newsletter at sportsmen's expense, Frankie Sue refused to take action stating that there was no criminal intent. When HUNTER'S ALERT asked her to reopen the investigation of the thirteen massacred sheep, Frankie Sue did nothing because it may have been that NDOW was responsible for it. There are many other instances which cost the sportsmen money. These cases were basically covered up by Frankie Sue Del Papa to protect Willie Molini's years of mismanagement.

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