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On May 31, 1996 the Las Vegas Review Journal printed a story (with three pictures) about Harry Reid and his wilderness proposals. HUNTER'S ALERT wants to show you how a double set of standards exists when it comes to Senator Harry Reid.

Currently, federal officials have listed 5 million acres of Nevada as wilderness study areas (WSA). This is land that could some day be classified as wilderness. WSA's have the same rules and regulations as wilderness areas. One of these regulations is that there are no motorized vehicles allowed, repeat, no motorized vehicles allowed in a WSA.

The day before the article was published, Harry was in a Nevada Army National Guard helicopter with members of the Sierra Club and Friends of Wilderness. They were landing the chopper numerous

times on the Wilderness Study Areas. This is a direct violation of WSA policy. Now maybe Harry doesn't consider that helicopter a motorized vehicle but I believe everyone else would. HUNTER'S ALERT phoned the BLM and asked them if it was against the law to land a helicopter in a WSA. The BLM official stated it was against the Bureau's policy. HUNTER'S ALERT then asked if John Q. Citizen landed a helicopter in a WSA, what would happen. The BLM official stated that the person would be cited and possibly arrested. HUNTER'S ALERT then asked why Harry Reid and the others were not cited or arrested. The BLM official replied that he guessed it was probably because he was a senator. Sure sounds like a double set of standards to HUNTER'S ALERT. Apparently Senator Reid thinks it is okay for him to use the land but not us. We don't need a senator like Harry Reid who thinks he is above the law.

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