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HUNTER'S ALERT continues to receive comments from Nevada sportsmen. We welcome them. Just maybe some day it will wake somebody up!

To William Bradley

Chairman, Wildlife Commission

State of Nevada

Copy to Cecil Fredi. HUNTER'S ALERT

"Dear Sir:

1 was born and raised in Elko County, Nevada However, I did not live in Elko county from 1952 through 1983, but have

resided in Shanty Town, Ruby Marshes, Ruby Valley, Nevada since 1983. This is Area 10 for deer hunting

I would like to inform you that this was the worst deer season I've experienced in my lifetime. Under current deer management by our Fish & Wildlife there will be nothing to manage in 3 to 4 years.

1. We have had mild winters the past 6 years, which should have produced a deer herd population explosion

2. Feed conditions have been above normal.

3. Buck/doe ratios have been good

Our problem is predators - period. The Fish & Wildlife refuse to acknowledge this problem. The first snow storm revealed fresh lion tracks in 85% of the canyons on the east side of the Rubies; also there were very few deer tracks This season we saw more coyote tracks than deer tracks.

Deer season used to have quite an impact on the cow counties economy. however the hunter success rate has dropped to the point that local hunters are looking elsewhere and out of state hunters are not going to apply.


1. Manage the wildlife, not the hunters

2. Get rid of the overload of big game biologists. Five or six for Elko County is ridiculous.

3. Give your biologists 100 coyote traps and a quota and if they don't fill it, fire them.

4. No quotas on mountain lions. Our guides will complain, but lions are so easy to get they have easy hunts and very high success ratio. Of course, under current management the lions and coyotes will kill the deer herd and if they don't kill wild horses will reduce their own numbers from starvation.

Good deer hunting gives the economy in the cow counties a much greater boost than lion hunting ever will.

I will add that the fish side of the State Agency has done an outstanding job and is in my opinion, carrying the rest of the Department." RQ, Ruby Valley

"I am writing you to recap my deer hunt this year in Area 16 in Nevada. As you know I have hunted on Table Top Mtn for the last 20 years and have taken many nice bucks over that period of time. In doing so I have come to know the area very well and have always seen an abundance of deer on my many deer and elk hunts in Area 16. This year though was much different in that we only saw 9 does in 3 days of hunting and we were packed in with horses to boot. I'm not

sure why there has been a serious decline in the deer herd on Table Top Mtn. but I feel it should be looked into by NDOW so this decline can be stopped and the herd can be restored to its once historical highs We did see some elk on our hunt but the deer definitely seem to be an endangered species at this time. P.C., Las Vegas

"Although Harry Mortenson is not my assemblyman, I was glad to get your letter of Oct. 21. I used to get your newsletter, but 1 lost track of you...It has been years since I have seen a copy, and I've missed it 1 loved what you were doing, and I want to know what you are up to now that I have your address again.

I stopped rifle hunting in 1992 and reverted to a longbow. I find the weather and scenery more splendid during bow season, and the method of hunting more suitable to my age. (62). The greater challenge of getting within 35 yards, as opposed to 300 or 400 makes for much more excitement. After residing in Nevada for a quarter of a century, I finally drew a tag for a cow elk this year for east and southeast of Ely. I could have killed a young 4x5 bull that visited "my" pond, but the cows stayed on the run. We just were not seeing them high or low this year, and we hunted hard for eleven days, from Cave Lake south to Mt. Grafton.

One factor in this uncharacteristic scarcity or shyness was the presence of rifle hunters for the big deprevation hunt that began in mid-August, for the purpose of exterminating the elk that were upsetting the folks at the Geyser Ranch. While I was hunting during the last two weeks of September, the muzzleloaders' season opened. The day before I came back, my companion ran into a roadhunter who said he had an elk tag for a "Special Deprevation" hunt that was "in addition to" the deprevation hunt that had started six weeks earlier.

Mr. Fredi, can you imagine how frustrating it is for a bowhunter who waited so long to draw an elk tag, only to find himself hunting in the same area,

at the same time, with three other hunts (all rifle hunts)? L.S., Las Vegas

"If Reid loses, can we work at the margins to remove some of the Jarbidge from Wilderness!" W.B., Carson City

"Hope this helps to dump Reid!" G.B., Las Vegas

"Your newsletter is excellent." I'm a -70 year old native Nevadan who has spent 62 years of her life in Nevada, the other o in No. Arizona. I'm not a hunter but I go on hunting rips with my daughter and her husband whe. I can tend camp and rock hound at the same time. I'm also interested in the geology of our mountains. I enjoy these outings. Due to my age, I am not an avid mountain hiker but I feel I'm just as entitled to the use of these areas as those who are. Therefore, I should be allowed to use the existing roads in these areas. I bought a 4wd Jeep Cherokee for this purpose.

My brothers and I and our children spend many weekends in the hills and mountains around Ely, R.R. Valley, Morey, Reveille, Reno and No. Washoe Co., etc.

It amazes me that Harry Reid and his cohorts could land a helicopter in a WSA, but one couldn't be used to rescue stranded Boy Scouts. It must be nice to be "God".

We must keep this fight going. I can't afford to give a lot, but hope this helps. S.H., East Ely

"Keep up the great work! Do you have a web site?" M.V., Las Vegas

"Yes, I will vote with Hunter's Alert. NDOW hates bowhunters!" E.R., Pahrump

"I am 78 years old, on limited income or would help more, but I can do my part on voting!" J.M., Sparks

"I appreciate knowing the latest information on who is supportive and who isn't. Thank you. J.C.,Lund

H • •• • V

"Thank you for the work you're doing." R.M., Elko

"Keep fighting" R.B., Las Vegas

"I like your organization and want to join, but I hope you realize Molini and the rest of the gangsters are still running the tag drawing." B.J., Eureka

"I hope that Kenny Guinn will be able to put the DOW on line for hunting and hunters. Too bad Reid got back in. J.R., Lovelock

"Good job!" J.K., Winnemucca "Keep it up!' R.M.Reno

Hunter's Alert should attempt to return the game tag selection method to the way it was before the computerized "lottery"

Some people now get tags 3-4 years in a row, while others go without for the same time periods. People who did not get a tag the previous year should receive tags first, then the remainder should be distributed in a lottery. You could plan to hunt every other year for sure." R.L.,

Carson City

"You guys do a good job. If you need any help in the upcoming legislature please let me know.' T.S., Carson City

"First of all, keep up the good work. I think you are highly instrumental in getting Nevada's "Slick Willie" where he can do less harm. But what about his hand-picked successor (with our Guv's blessing)? C.H., Lemmon Valley

"Keep up the good work!' G.A., Pallor





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