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Presented to the Clark County Advisory Board to Manage Wildlife, July 17, 1999

Written by Cecil Fredi
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Action Item #3 would prohibit hunting for a 96 hour period after using aircraft to locate wildlife.

This request by NDOW has to be the most overkill idea they have come up with in a long time. The hierarchy of NDOW must have a lot of time on their hands. In Alaska you cannot hunt on the same day that you fly. It is probably safe to say that 95% of the hunters in Alaska must utilize aircraft. What percentage of Nevada hunters utilize aircraft'1 Probably a tenth of one percent. Alaska, which has a hell of a lot more game to protect says no same-day hunting. So Nevada wants no hunting for four days. This is a pure and simple law enforcement mentality. NDOW does not know how or refuses to bring back our big game numbers. All they know is more law enforcement. We already have 140 ways to cite sportsmen and apparently it is not enough law 1enforcement for NDOW. This is like gun Control. We have thousands of gun laws and they want more.

1 would ask this board to adopt Alaska's no-fly on the day you hunt policy. In addition, I would ask that you attach a stipulation that says this board will not approve any more law enforcement proposals until a serious predator control program has been implemented. Not studied to death, but implemented. Thank you.

Action Item #4. Establishes a provision for the mandatory inspection of a harvested swan.

Didn't 1 just testify on the last item about NDOW's law enforcement mentality? Here we go again. NDOW, against the wishes of sportsmen who pay their salaries, will not score our desert big horn sheep. However, they have the time to institute more law enforcement for the mandatory inspection of a swan. This proves they do not listen to the sportsmen and their main concern is more law enforcement.

Action Item #6. Designate Wildlife

Heritage Tag to be auctioned each year.

I am opposed to any auction tags. Bui again the question is why was this monster put upon us in the first place. You have to understand the problem before you have a cure. It was because of years of mismanagement in NDOW. Because of this, we have lost millions of dollars in lost revenue. Former Administrator Willie Molini formed an Idea Team which came up with 200 ways to get more money to cover years of his mismanagement. Part of Willie's mismanagement was his refusal to do any predator control. If we had done this, our deer herd would not be in the sorry state that it is today. In addition, the fleecing of sportsmen would not be necessary. We are going to make hunting in Nevada just like hunting in Europe. Only the rich will be able to afford to go hunting. Originally this was only going to be one tag.

What is it up to now, nine? At what point

do they stop making this rich man's sport?

This year there are nine Nevadans who didn't draw a tag because of this monster.

Action Item #10. Report on the status of obtaining a professional survey.

This could possibly one of the worst things that NDOW could do to the sportsmen of our state. NDOW is 95% funded by sportsmen. However they do not want sportsmen to control the agency. They hate listening to the sportsmen's gripes, complaints and requests. How could they do away with that part of their job? I will tell you how.

Survey questions can be skewed so the majority of the answers will come back the way you want them to. I'm sure in a survey the majority of the people would say that they would rather view wildlife than kill it. NDOW's answer to the survey would go something like this, More people want to view wildlife. They are in the majority and we must represent the majority. For those of you that are not aware, NDOW did a survey in 1994. Let me tell you what I know about that survey. While testifying in Carson City,

Assemblyman Larry Spitler asked Willie Molini if he had ever done a survey. Willie said that they had sent out a questionnaire but it wasn't really a survey. Translated this meant that Willie didn't like the results.

I know for a fact that any negative ones were thrown out and only the ones that were supportive of the agency were kept.

NDOW has shown in the past that they don't like the truth when it comes to surveys.

1 have in my possession a letter from acting deputy administrator David Rice to a Mark Duda. He is the executive director of a company called Responsive Management. Let me read portions of this letter and make comments. Comment # 1: To me it sends up a red flag when Dave Rice is thanking him for his two cases of Mark Duda's new book. Sounds to me like the old Texas group when they brought chocolates and t shirts in and our wildlife commissioners gave them our sheep. Comment #2: Is it the Board of Wildlife Commissioners who are interested in a survey or the Nevada Division of Wildlife? Comment #3: Determining quality vs. quantity in mule deer. Currently we have neither. No survey question needed for that one. Comment #4: They are going to prepare a contract, Sounds like a done deal. Was it put out to three bids? It doesn't sound like it with two cases of books being donated. And finally, the most important part of this letter is what we would like to ask them. This is where that skewed question technique would be implemented.

I would ask this board to entertain the following suggestion. Let's do a survey with the following criteria: #1. The questions will come from the county advisory boards. #2. Let an independent agency compile the results. #3. Make the results public. #4. Force NDOW to react to the results of the survey. These are four items that NDOW failed to do in their survey.

Action Item #13. Sportsmen do not feel they are being adequately represented by sportsmen representative Jelindo Tiberti on the Wildlife Commission.

At the May 1999 Wildlife Commission meeting, once again Jelindo Tiberti flagrantly degraded sportsmen and county advisory board members. This is not the first time that Mr. Tiberti has let the sportsmen down. Let's start from the beginning. Being a wildlife commissioner is a very important position. Five of the nine commissioners not only have to represent the sportsmen but they also have to do what is best for the natural resource. How do you gain the experience to perform this important task? You certainly don't go to the library or read OUTDOOR LIFE magazine. You must attend numerous county advisory board and wildlife commission meetings. This is the only way to know what problems or suggestions all seventeen county advisory boards encounter on a monthly basis. The question to be asked is How many of these meetings did Mr. Tiberti attend before he was appointed? Everyone I have talked to has said that he never attended any of the meetings. The next question to be asked is Why was he appointed if he wasn't knowledgeable? The reason, a big, fat political contribution to former Governor Bob Miller. That's what got him appointed.

Here are a few examples of Mr. Tiberti's failure to represent sportsmen. At the January, 1996 Wildlife Commission meeting there was a very important agenda item concerning finding solutions regarding the mountain lion. Mr. Tiberti was more concerned with finding errors in the HUNTER'S ALERT newsletter. Apparently he didn't believe then NDOW administrator Willie Molini had purchased $25,000 worth of

books from Defenders of Wildlife, a known anti-hunting organization. Mr. Tiberti wanted to know if 1 had seen the canceled check for this purchase. Here is a very important agenda item to help solve a serious predator problem in our state and

Mr. Tiberti is out to lunch on the issue. Just to show you that Mr. Tiberti did not know what he was talking about, here's proof that NDOW did purchase the books. Why didn't Jelindo Tiberti get the information like HUNTER'S ALERT did? Because he was just shooting from the hip to protect his buddy, former administrator Willie Molini. You remember Willie, the person who is responsible for the demise of our game.

At the May, 1996 Wildlife Commission meeting, Commissioner Don Cavin reported that he had received 2000 letters and post cards from sportsmen who wanted something done to reduce the mountain lion numbers in our slate. Mr. Tiberti did not read or ask about any of these sportsmen's concerns. His reply to this (and this was taken from an actual tape of the meeting.) was, "One small comment. These letters went out in the HUNTER'S ALERT magazine. The postcards went out in the HUNTER'S ALERT magazine that were preaddressed to you. What if those same cards were mailed out in an 'anti' form to the same amount of an—in whatever the hunter--I don't even know the name of their group--the anti hunter group—the SPAC or whatever it is—I think you would have equally amount of postcards sitting in front of you or more. I want to bring that point out to everybody-that this went out to one conservative group and I'm just bringing the point out that if it went to another group we might have another side of this coin. Let's not forget them totally in this conversation. Let's keep them, ah--don't, ah—that's my whole point. Let's not forget they're out there and let's not put a boot in our mouth."

Immediately after Mr. Tiberti's remarks several sportsmen in the audience took exception to his remarks stating that he was supposed to represent the sportsmen. Just to show you how uninformed Mr. Tiberti is, the postcards he referred to were sent out by a combined effort of Safari Club International, Desert Chapter and HUNTER'S ALERT. In addition, they were not included in the HUNTER'S

ALERT newsletter. The mailer was sent to a random selection of sportsmen, not just one conservative group as Mr. Tiberti stated. And finally, just to show you how uninformed Mr. Tiberti is on sportsmen's issues, he apparently didn't know that PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or was it HSUS, which stands for Humane Society of the United States. Mr. Tiberti should have at least some knowledge of the names of the anti-hunting groups that he was so concerned about.

Then in November 1996 at a Clark County Wildlife Advisory Board meeting, he told the board that he had received many calls from sportsmen who did not want a crow hunt. After numerous attempts, Advisory Board Chairman Wilford Allen finally pried from Mr. Tiberti the number that he had actually heard from—the answer was three. To which Mr. Allen replied, "When 2000 sportsmen want something done about mountain lions, you don't represent them. When 3 sportsmen don't want a crow hunt, you choose to represent them!"

In March, 1999, he voted against endorsing the National Animal Interest Alliance resolution. Here is an organization that is ready, willing and able to take on the anti-hunters and he voted against endorsing the organization. He had to do this for one of three reasons: he hadn't made himself familiar with the information (which is his job as a commissioner); he agrees with the anti hunting interests; or because Cecil Fredi's name was attached to it. Whatever the reason, it was not in the best interests of sportsmen.

And finally, Mr. Tiberti's biggest insult to the sportsmen occurred just last May at the Wildlife Commission meeting in Reno. While setting the quota for the California big horn sheep, Humboldt County Board chairman Tom Cassinelli made a suggestion to which Mr. Tiberti replied "Well, I have a problem with it today because here we are trying to make a decision on giving people tags and we' going by what people wrote down in a meeting one night a few weeks ago meeting one night a few weeks ago. I mean these guys been working on it, we're paying them to work on it. I mean I gotta believe one or the other. Who am 1 going to believe, a guy I've hired to work on it daily or a guy who did it on a scratch pad at a meeting one night." Shortly thereafter Mr. Tiberti left the meeting before it was over and he has done this on other occasions as well. Right now, Wilford Allen has a scratch pad in front of him and he is making notes and listening to the public. You have heard Mr. Tiberti's testimony and he disagrees with this method of obtaining information. Mr. Tiberti's remarks show that he has no regard for the chairmen of the advisory boards. It is apparent from Mr. Tiberti's activities that we should not listen to the general public, we should not listen to the way the majority of the county advisory boards vote, and we should not listen to the chairman of the county advisory board. This goes directly against government for the people, by the people. I would like to make a comment on Mr. Tiberti. He should not be fired. He just should never have been hired. But sportsmen were not that fortunate. And it is now time to replace Mr. Tiberti.

by Cecil Fredi July 17, 1999

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