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Written by Cecil Fredi
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 It just hasn't worked and we need to return to a Department of Fish and Game. During the 1993 legislative session, former Governor Bob Miller consolidated state agencies. This has proven disastrous to the sportsmen in the state of Nevada. Since consolidation, Nevada Division of Wildlife (NDOW) has been one of nine state agencies put under the umbrella of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Its director is Pete Morros. There is not a single person who can do the job efficiently for nine state agencies. And Pete Morros has proven this many times over.

Pete Morros has neglected Nevada sportsmen for years. Below are four examples of his blatant disregard for sportsmen's concerns.

1. In December, 1993 a representative of both HUNTER'S ALERT and Nevada Hunters Association met with Pete Morros. The concern was about NDOW administrator Willie Molini attending a WAFWA (Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies) meeting in Hawaii. Willie Molini had recently been married and his wife accompanied him on this trip. We had reason to believe that sportsmen may have funded some of her expenses. We asked Pete Morros to check into this and prove that no sportsmen's money was spent on this trip. Pete Morros never contacted either organization's representatives concerning this matter. We must assume that our claims were justified by his lack of response.

2. Nevada's desert bighorn sheep numbers have been declining. Because of this, sportsmen did not want any more of our sheep being sent to Texas. In 1994, hundreds of post cards were sent to Pete Morros concerning giving any more of our sheep to Texas. Pete Morros never mentioned that he had received any of these comments at any Wildlife Commission meeting. In doing so, he sold out the wishes of the majority of sportsmen in Nevada and once again proved he didn't listen to sportsmen.

3. Pete Morros was in charge of choosing the new administrator for the Division of Wildlife. Not one sportsmen's organization in the state endorsed Willie Molini's assistant, Terry Crawforth. Again, Pete Morros did not listen to the sportsmen and appointed Crawforth anyway.

4. Pete Morros displayed many irregularities in the process of choosing the new administrator. Some of them were; a) The Wildlife Commission interviewed at a public meeting the top seven applicants for the position of new administrator on July 9 and 10, 1998. Pete Morros never attended any of these meetings which were open to the public.

b) The top three names were ranked by the Commission based on a

comprehensive list of questions the commissioners thought were needed for the job. After carefully listening to each candidate's response, they voted Ray Lee of Arizona the most qualified (1), Tom Spaulding of Arizona the second most qualified (2), and Terry Crawforth the third most qualified (3). To be consistent and fair to all the candidates, the Commission asked the same 21 questions to each and allowed the same amount of time for each candidate to respond. This process standardized the responses, just like taking a test, everyone was treated equally, c) How can Pete Morros select the best candidate when he didn't attend the interviews? He supposedly called the candidates or in some cases, had them come to his office. He flew to Arizona and met with the two Arizona candidates at the airport. This was certainly not a professional interview, d) The interviews conducted by Pete Morros were not honest and equal for each candidate. His interviews were not in a public forum. What did he ask each candidate and what were their answers since this was all done in secrecy. Government has no place operating behind closed doors. Why did the Commission spend months of procedures and interviews if Pete Morros was going to appoint his choice and ignore the Commission's ranking of the candidates? This goes right along with Pete Morros not regarding sportsmen's concerns. Now do you see why it is time for a change?

By Cecil Fredi
President, HUNTER'S ALERT Reprinted from Nevada Marksman, July/August, 1999

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