Thursday, 28 October 2004 01:51

Commissioner Bentley shows his ignorance---again

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In our past writings, we have given you many examples of why Clint Bentley should not have been appointed to the Wildlife Commission.  Here are more reasons for his dismal failure. Mr. Bentley is a member of the Wildlife Damage Management Subcommittee. This is nothing more than a fancy name for a predator control committee which in itself has become a joke. Mr. Bentley should never have even been on this subcommittee as on numerous occasions in the past he has failed to react about the abundance of mountain lions in our state. At a meeting on May 13, 2004 in Reno, Gerald Lent, President of Nevada Hunters Association told the committee it was not doing what the predator money was intended for and that NDOW had never supported this predator program.

Here is what Gerald Lent stated: NDOW took 24 percent of the dollars off the top of this program. A former employee, Dave Rice said the bill and program was forced upon NDOW and that NDOW didn’t want this program. Sportsmen feel that NDOW has had antagonism for this program all along. As I understand it at one time the majority of this committee’s proposed programs were for sheep. We don’t have a problem with sheep. We do have a major problem with deer. You are attempting to pacify 200 sheep hunters when you should be pacifying 30,000 deer hunters.  Obviously this is true because Bentley wanted to change the name of the sheep projects to deer/sheep projects in areas in the south where deer are a rare occurrence, after Assemblyman Claborn ripped this committee for not complying with the intent of his bill. This is deceitful to a politician who obviously cares about our deer herds. Another example of not having full support of NDOW: 1) Here is a letter supporting OGT (Operation Game Thief)  program. 2) Nothing like this was sent to support the predator control check box! Why not? 3) I will tell you why--you didn’t support predator control enough to make it effective AND  you don’t want to do real predator control for enhancement of our deer herds!

Perhaps if legislative dollars were taken out of your budget for study and predator control it would stimulate more interest in this agency.

And what was Clint Bentley’s reply to Lent’s massive list of failures? He said that the sheep areas were in the north not the south. Commissioner Bentley, that’s the best you can do? Gerald Lent stated south instead of north? With all these dismal failures that Gerald Lent presented to you, that’s the worst thing you can come up with? We must assume that Gerald Lent was then correct in his assertions. And you don’t have a clue as to what is going on.

But that pales in comparison to Clint Bentley’s next blunder. At the March 8 Legislative Committee meeting in Reno, NDOW’s director, Terry Crawforth stated that there was an interest in in adding a general public and a conservationist (anti-hunter) on every county advisory board to manage wildlife. After a discussion on the proposal, Clint Bentley who is supposed to represent sportsmen, stated “Send it out and see.” (to the county advisory boards) In doing so, Clint Bentley sold out the sportsmen he is supposed to represent. Here is what a real sportsman’s representative on the Wildlife Commission should have stated: “I am a sportsman’s representative and sportsmen fund 97 percent of this agency. A five member board with 20 percent and possibly 40 percent anti-hunters is not acceptable to me. Sportsmen pay the bills and this is not necessary. That’s how I feel about it.” Rest assured, as long as Clint Bentley is on the Wildlife Commission, he will not be a sportsmen’s representative. But how did someone this incompetent get appointed to the Wildlife Commission anyway? Stay tuned for that is a

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