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NDOW…Let’s just trash the constitution!

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Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) and the Wildlife Commissioners want…more rules, more regulations, more law enforcement and less game. For years HUNTER’S ALERT has told you that NDOW”s main focus is on law enforcement, not producing more game for sportsmen. Here is proof of what we have stated. NDOW and the Wildlife Commissioners have come up with their proposals for the next legislative session. It consists of thirty six pages of more law enforcement, nothing, repeat nothing to bring back our deer. Not only deer, but nothing for game of any type!

In their proposal, they have an extremely weak excuse why it is necessary to have all these new proposed laws. Remember, this is how NDOW and the Wildlife commissioners are thinking. More rules and regulations! To hell with the game, accountability for sportsmen’s money or hunters rights. How is that for an agency that is 97 percent funded by sportsmen’s money! When this legislative package was proposed there were three attorneys on the Wildlife Legislative Committee. It was chaired by Bill Bradley, Chris MacKenzie, John Moran and a sportsmen’s representative (in name only), Clint Bentley. With the kind of mess they have proposed, it proves the Wildlife Commission shouldn’t have any attorneys on the Board at all.

Here are a few of the laws they want to impose on sportsmen. Let’s start out with a really good one by trashing the Constitution. NDOW wants the ability to search your house without a warrant! In addition, they want to be able to stop you without a valid reason, again against the Constitution. Once they stop you, if you obstruct, hinder or delay, they can either cite or jail you. NDOW wants to be judge and jury by having the authority to suspend licenses, tags, etc. if you fail to appear in court. Only a court of law with a judge should be able to do this. NDOW wants Department employees to be able to take wildlife of any kind from any place in any manner for purposes deemed by the director to be in the interests of wildlife conservation. How is that for exempting NDOW employees from Fish and Game violations? Unlike the police department, there is no citizens review board so NDOW employees are only accountable to the director who will no doubt defend his wayward employees.

Currently, the Division of State Lands owns all of the lands that were acquired through wildlife bond issues. Now NDOW wants to own those lands. They must want private hunting and fishing areas for their employees. NDOW also wants to donate certain seized items. “Certain” is the key word here. If it is an expensive rifle or shotgun, it will probably be donated to an NDOW employee. If it is trash, it will be donated to a charitable organization. When it comes to doing aerial game counts, NDOW only wants to provide “general information” to the public. What is “general information”? It is only what they want to tell you. Obviously, we have not scratched the surface of all of their proposed legislation. But you can see with just the few we have listed here, the direction this agency is taking with the help of the Wildlife commissioners.

This is a state agency that has clearly lost sight of its function. After the general election is over, HUNTER’S ALERT will give you the information on what bills should be passed and which bills should be defeated. It will be up to you to notify your state legislators of your feelings on the proposed bills.

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